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    What level of an item and what category of items can get an item drop rate potential?

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    3rd tier, legendary only, accessories only.

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    That would mean only rings, shoulders, pends and badges 71+?

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    Not sure about shoulders since they were originally just plain armor or badges since i have never seen it on one, but yes.

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    I don't see kmsers equipping drop rate badges/belts/shoulders so that's my logic.

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    You forgot earrings

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    There aren't any level 71+ badges that can have potential in KMS, but badges do count as accessories, so you can get drop rate on the Ghost Exorcist one or whatever it's called.

    Badge/Earring/Eye/Face/Pendant/Ring/Shoulder and Pocket/Medal/Codex are all the accessories as far as I'm aware. I'm about 80% sure Android Hearts count as accessories too, but only the Superior Lidium Heart is level 71+ and that isn't obtainable.

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    It doesn't have to be 71+, you can get +% Drop Rate on all accessory-type equips at Legendary, regardless of level, but of course, the drop rate varies based on level.

    1-30 = 10%
    31-70 = 15%
    71+ = 20%

    Some kMSers use Alchemist's Rings for drop rate, since they're completely tradeable, and those are level 10.

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    RED badge.

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    The level 80 one is temp, the permanent one is level 10, neither can be potentialed. GMS is pretty much the only version that has potential-able badges.

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    Brb deleting my character.



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