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Thread: [Activity] The Southperry Spook-A-Thon

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    Donation link:

    I was talking with @FlameChocobo; a little earlier and we were thinking about some games to stream, with live commentary of course, that you would like to see. We can all talk and have a blast. Even raise popularity on some stuff to do. Overall have some fun times.

    Currently were looking at a couple hours of streaming. I can probably do well over 24 hours worth of spook-a-thon action. FC will let me know what he can do as well. And anyone else that wants to tag in is more than welcomed to. It will all be accesed via one stream channel so nothing will hiccup. I'll also help monitor stuff.

    If you guys are interested heres a list of games we thought of playing.

    Luigis Mansion
    Splatter House
    Several Resident Evils
    Most/All F.E.A.R Games
    Both Amnesia's
    Dead Space 1/2/3
    Bioshock 1/2/Infinite
    Dear Esther
    I Am Alive
    LFD2 -4 player fun time-
    Lone Survivor
    Thomas Was Alone
    The Walking Dead (300 Days) - Community Driven Answers & Story-

    And many more. If anyone is interested in playing with us, or joining in a mumble/skype chat just for the pomegranates and giggles it'd be great.

    We'll also take incentives for @KhainiWest; wearing a hat, borderlands mask, and dressing up in a frilly dress.

    We need some positive response. We hope that you'll guys would be into this idea. We are gonna try to play through all the games in their entirety.

    We are currently looking for a few more people that would like to stream as well. It's all fun and games.

    Also were thinking about having a Horrible block featuring NES titles such as Dr. Jeckly & Mr. Hyde, and Friday the 13th.
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    I counter offer with a one piece hat and a borderlands 2 mask.

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    And a frilly dress.

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    Why not do a full Season One + 400 Days for Walking Dead?

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    I put it in ( ) to include The Walking Dead and the 300 Days expansion.

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    I can throw in streaming some Halloween content off MMOs or games like L4D2, Dead Island, or Costume Quest. I won't be able to do all 24 hours, but I can throw in some good times while I can stream. :P

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    Were taking shifts so it's alright. I want us up mostly in the night hours.

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    Update guys. So we have a 5 man group and we're thinking about doing a donation for a charity if we get this out. It'd be awesome, even if it's only a couple of bucks that we donated it's the thought that counts. We'll also do donation incentives as well.

    For example: for tree fiddy ($3.50) well make @KhainiWest; dress up in a frilly dress. I'll also save donation names (make sure you leave your SP ID) and have you put into a raffle for a game of your choice on steam. (please no train simulator, I don't have 3,000$ to love you with ;( ).

    If you guys have an idea for a charity we could do it'd be great.

    Unless notified the current charity will be Child's Play

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    Not much relevant to this topic, but I got the Chat overlay.


    Loving it so far, it looks nice.

    Now on topic, since I decided that I'm gonna start working at 8:30 AM at my job next week (1 more hour due to break.) It depends on a situation I'm in. If my mother works a half hour earlier than I do, either I'm going to need to walk to work or use transit since my grandmother and step grandmother will be gone that week, meaning I have to sacrifice my time to stream so I can sleep. That's why I'm going straight to bed till 8:30 PM when I get home from work. I know it sound weird going to bed during the day, but I wanna live stream dammit.
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    dat feeling when I already streamed Dead Space 1 & 2 and currently streaming 3.
    Get Outlast... that's the pomegranate.

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    I'd help but it'd have to take away my college hours. :(

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    Ok, so we do have the details finalized, yes? I am unsure of my schedule at this time, but I'll see what I can do about the weekends. I can also try to pull in hype on my streams on Wednesday and Friday (and even to have Friday's cast set up as a prelude to the marathon).

    I need Twitch names that are participating, the charity that we're doing this for, and... iunno. I need a link that'll provide all the details and stuff. Even if it's on a Pastebin, at least it's something. xd I'll need the information before Wednesday's stream.

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    Were starting in less than 20 minutes with Me, iamflip, flamechocobo, and Khainiwest. We'll be talking about what were doing tonight, we'll play some LeftForDead (1/2) together. Then we'll let FC take it for tonight and then we'll pick up after him via multitwitch. <Donation>



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