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  1. Cash3 [GMS] Parfit downs Mu Lung Dojo! [True HD]

    Hey guys! I finally had the chance to make another video, though it was a bit of a pain to render due to some issues but I managed to fix them for the long run.

    It's basically a Mu Lung Dojo run featuring my Kaiser of course; let me know what you guys think! I do appreciate any feedback and it can help me with future videos as well. Speaking of that, since I managed to snag some rank 1 Dojo gloves from the hacker who hacks Dojo every day in Windia, I recorded several boss runs so I do plan to make a boss compilation video fairly soon. I may think about possibly uploading clips of individual bosses but I'm still debating it; it would mean more videos for you guys though. :P

    Yes, I have noticed a bit of lag in the video; you can thank the servers for that.

    Please let me know what you guys think! Enjoy the video~

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    Check the dB on the audio because some of the audio ranges are too high for most generic earbuds. Consider using a better crop of your screen to capture only what's important because having too much going on the screen can be an eyesore. It's a decent vid, congrats.

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    Color correction: Very beautiful, a bit dark because of the lens effect, but imo red is such a pain in the ass to work with
    Audio: The songs are nice, but the dB sounds weird (the second song)
    Timer and buffs: I'm not a huge fan of showing these for montages (looks so messy), but it was appropriate here for something like Dojo.

    I enjoyed it though. I like your editing style :) And +10 for Feint :D

    Edit: at the end, you can turn off that annoying motion blur easily. select video(s) > right click > disable resample. it was something like that if i remember right.

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    Hm alright, thanks for the tips @Mandalay, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) I tried plugging in an old pair of headphones which are basically the basic of the basic; the sound is a bit different but I wouldn't call it that weird though. The main headphones I use are these beauties right here; the quality of the sound is very nice and they're comfortable to wear as well, not to mention the reasonable price and they're very durable.

    As for the dB, I raised it to a certain level for the individual songs where it had sounded better and it was noticeable but it wasn't too high that it would crackle/sound odd and that. The buffs did fit Dojo and since it was attached to the timer and health bar I had to implement those in with it and as for the crop I made sure not too get too close, I literally just zoomed in to fit the whole dojo screen minus the UI and added the masks in for the timers.

    I added the filters I usually do for my videos but I made sure not to make it seem too dark; the purpose was to bring out the colours and make it a bit darker but not near the point where it could ruin the video. Quality helps a ton in videos and overall improves the experience.

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    And that's where you kind of went wrong.

    This is a waveform for a kick in the second song used in your video. You can see the peaks getting cut off instead of naturally escalating and falling back down into the next wave. It's the issue of dB gain the others were talking about, called clipping, which results in audible crackling or distortions.

    In short, take caution when playing with dB levels.

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    too pro!!

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    Great video mate.

    Got me into a new type of music as well.



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