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  1. Default Where to train 2nd/3rd jobs nowadays?

    Either my patience isn't what it used to be or I'm not doing it right.

    Wind Archer, level 41. Partially funded: no %stat equips yet but I have 157 WATK in total with clean weapon (plus regular monsters are like banana trees anyway).

    I'm vaguely recalling some areas like the Taxis in CBD, Robos in Ludi, or something but I can't really remember how I made it through this horrible period.

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    Default Re: Where to train 2nd/3rd jobs nowadays?

    Gold Beach (newish theme dungeon) is pretty good at level 40. Also note that at 45, you should go to Aswan and do the Tot quest there (which is talking to some people then clearing 1 Aswan run of any kind). Once you do this, you can automatically level up to 50 through Tot by taking his Know-How quests each level. I heard something about an automatic Tot level up at 40 in Sleepywood but I tried it and it didn't work for me.

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    Generally what I do is go to CD's around 30-35 and stay there until 45, at which point you can basically skip the next 5 levels real easily by doing Tot's quests, at 50 go to sand bunnies until 57 and then start hunting scorpions and sand rats until 70, then it can be a mix of roids/MPE until 100 and then you're home free with Evo World.

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    If you're into Theme Dungeons, Gold Beach/Ellinel Fairy Academy/Mushroom Kingdom is a nice way to level, but for straight grinding, I think CDs are one of the best areas to grind at 4x.

    Also keep in mind that you can use Tot's Quests to get a couple of free levels at 45-50 (may vary by job, but I think 45-50 is right for all jobs).

    At 50 you can go do Theme Dungeons again (choice of Chryse and/or Riena Strait), or some other things like straight grinding at White Fangs, Spiegelmann's Gonzo Gallery or Ludibrium PQ.

    60-61 is another free level from Tot's Quests. I think 59-60 is a free level too, but you have to accept that free 1.5x EXP coupon from Tot, which could be saved for later levels.

    3rd job is basically Sand Rats/Scorpions or Robos/Master Robos to 70, then you can also add Monster Park Extreme into your training (3 free tickets a day, levels 70-140. Great experience here). 75~80 to about 90 is done at Roids/Neo Huroids, and 90-100 is at Captains/Krus.

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    CD's till 45, tots till 50, although 50-60ish im a little fuzzy, i remember on my hayato and merc i was able to start training on sand rats around 60, mutae around 70 and all around the lab until i started actually getting invited to R&J pq's, then once you hit 110 or so, your best option is to do MPE and/or evo

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    I did

    10: Flaming Mixed Golems
    20something: Copper Drakes
    30something: Korean Folk Town
    40something: Poison Poopa
    50-60: Omega Sector
    60-70: LPQ

    Basically monster 20 levels above, and maybe even higher monsters if those were dying too fast.
    LPQ can also be done at 50-70 but there wasn't anyone there when I was 50.

    70-120 MPE and Evo which I haven't started yet

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    30-35: Mushroom Castle
    35-50: CD
    50-80: LPQ
    80-100: MPQ

    LPQ is really fast exp now and I prefer that over grinding since each run takes only 5-10mins for almost a whole level early on.

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    Sakura Castle is a quick way from 70-75. Be sure to complete the codex card set. You get around 1 million exp when you loot the last card.

    Monster Park Extreme is great exp.

    If you like leveling in ways other than grinding then Tangyoon's cooking PQ is quite good solo for 60-90 or something. Around 1 level per run if you get the ingredients right.

    Nett's Pyramid is also good.

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    Default Re: Where to train 2nd/3rd jobs nowadays?

    yea and thats with the people in your party being idiots

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    Just a note, you don't actually need to finish the Azwan run. I usually just go in and forfeit/exit right away to finish the Tot quest

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    If you are looting the Sakura cards while you are lvl 75. you are losing most of the experience. The total experience from looting the cards is actually worth 4.5M (i think). If you loot the last card at lvl 93, it will get you to lvl 95.

    Tangyoon is fine, but it's slow. It takes 21 minutes per run at the minimum.



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