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    Learn from this Maple story team <3 . Yay, I wanted that horse since my best friend got one <3 .

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    They're so fundamentally different in strategies. 90% of Mabi is enjoyable without NX, and the most needful things come with an outright monthly service charge rather than a nickel and dime approach. While you can pay for more power, it won't really further you along any and the instanced nature of the game makes most of your epicness immaterial to everyone else because they're not competing against you for limited resources most of the time and how good you are has little to no bearing on how enjoyable their own play is.

    They could definitely make Maple better by tweaking the maple model to one that encourages a subscription for those who want to be hard core. Something as simple as a shop permit as long as your service is active would be enough to lure most people to a reasonably priced service fee, throw in the ability to trade character locked items within the account for people with service and I know people who'd sell their kidneys to pay a monthly fee.

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    Does mabi have an active roleplaying community?

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    It's not a huge majority or anything. and it may vary from world to world, but yes.



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