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  1. Default Green Potions Working as Intended?

    Well I started mass farming potions from MPE on all my characters that I can, and so far the green potion is my favorite. But I was just wondering if it's supposed to be working like it is in GMS. I love it because it speeds up my DS attacks so much, esp if I get a second speed boost from a bucc, but something is bugging me that it shouldn't be doing this since it seems like my animation is a lot slower than what the numbers show.

    I was thinking of spending on nx circs to get attack speed inner ability and cube for speed infusion on my gloves if the green pot's abilility is supposed to work like this. Don't want to spend this much money and then find out nexon goofed and "fixed" green potions rendering speed infusion and my inner ability worthless [since DS already maxes out speed with his own booster and passive]

  2. Default Re: Green Potions Working as Intended?

    IIRC, the green pot lets you break the attack speed cap. If someone can confirm that, I would greatly appreciate it. However, I also remember that the green pots were broken in GMS, at least a couple months ago when MPE was first removed, and they actually didn't grant any attack speed at all. I've been reluctant to use the ones I've been farming, as wasting even one would suck. I'm sure it's been fixed by now, but I'm a skeptic.

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    It's because they didn't work at all when released that they did a quick fix and made it work in all situations (aka breaking cap).

  4. Default Re: Green Potions Working as Intended?

    It def fixed, because when I use just my normal booster, I'm already at speed cap. If I get speed infusion from my friend, it doesn't do anything.

    However, when I use a green potion, my attacks become faster by a noticible difference. My animation can't keep up with the damage that comes out of my attacks.

    I was wondering if the green potion was SUPPOSED to break the speed cap, because i faintly remember there was a debate on whether the green potions were supposed to do this, or just increase speed to the max cap for slower classes.

  5. Default Re: Green Potions Working as Intended?

    Technically, you couldn't break the speed cap prior to the Extreme Green Potion being broken.

    Now that it's "fixed", it breaks the speed cap, and you can keep stacking Attack Speed buffs to go extremely fast. The latter is an obvious glitch, but the former might be intended since people in kMS like to use the pots in their bossing videos. You'd likely need confirmation from a kMSer just to see if it's actually intended to break the speed cap or not.

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    Default Re: Green Potions Working as Intended?

    I don't think any of us can tell what Nexon "intended". I think the fact that the item's description doesn't say "remove attack speed limits" kind of hints that they never gave it any thought.

    Worse, even if they did intend for it to function as it does, they can change their minds at any time for reasons of "balance" or just because it triggers their nodelay auto-ban.

    So, personally, I would not invest too much in taking the utmost advantage of this feature. SI gloves for warriors do have some resale value but probably not what you'd spend making them, and SI inner ability is frustratingly elusive.

  7. Default Re: Green Potions Working as Intended?

    Ah allright. Thanks to everyone above who basically said the same thing as well.

    Sort of guessed it might have been too good to be true. But being a very fast DS was a very tempting vision.
    Maybe I'll make a psok-tradable speed infusion glove and keep it on the DS. If they ever do change green potions, I'll just xfer the gloves to my Paladin, who would benefit from it since he will become 2h in RED.

  8. Default Re: Green Potions Working as Intended?

    This potion does not break cap in EMS or KMS. But you never know with nexon. In EMS we had rare mobs spawning 1 out of 400 mobs up until spark patch and our evo still drop all ores/herbs + equips without cores applied and forum mods call it intended.

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    Default Re: Green Potions Working as Intended?

    It def breaks speed cap. But whenever I use it on my kaiser, sometimes my game freezes up on a specific frame of Gigas to the point where I need to kill the process and restart it.

  10. Default Re: Green Potions Working as Intended?

    it is definitely working as intended no further questions please and thank you ok case closed

  11. Default Re: Green Potions Working as Intended?

    Sounds like someone is either in denial or doesn't want Nexon to find out =P

  12. Default Re: Green Potions Working as Intended?

    Stop abusing glitches.

  13. Default Re: Green Potions Working as Intended?

    Okay someone has some explaining to do.

    This video is KMS Demon Slayer.

    That is clearly breaking speed cap. IDK if that's the green potion or something else she is using, but that is just too fast for it to be at a capped speed.

    Okay that's weird. It felt like the first minute of the minute she was attacking fast, but the second minute of the vid she is attacking at capped speed. IDK what to make of this.

  14. Default Re: Green Potions Working as Intended?

    The potion works exactly as it should in KMS (in other words, not breaking cap), already tested this on my wind breaker months ago, even after the revamp it works as intended. But like I said before, you never know with Nexon. They can say one thing is intended because they like it and then another minute they can say it doesnt work as intended at all. If you really would want a clearification just go by KMS, things CAN be eventually fixed (hello good old GMS LHC) but it will take time for Nexon america to decide if its a priority to fix/remove/keep whatever.



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