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  1. Default Morrigan's new sprite!

    edit: eh, I guess morrigan in herself is too scandalous!

    sorry folks!

    it's on my deivnatart! or!

    thanks for the pineapple and likes though!
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  2. Default Re: Morrigan's new sprite!

    omg miek that's so sexy aaa

    The legs, the boobies, the pose, the shine~ :D

    also what happened to your signature, why is it so neat?? D:

  3. Default Re: Morrigan's new sprite!

    What? No.

    It's awesome, dude! Saw it over in DeviantArt. Simple, but nicely done! : D

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    Default Re: Morrigan's new sprite!

    wait, morrigan was too much for SP? but that's her suit!

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    Default Re: Morrigan's new sprite!

    I missed it, noo!

    L> DA profile


    Nvm forgot ur tumblr



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