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  1. Default Achieving "Max" Weapon/Magic Defense.


    I had a question mainly about funding and "survival" in terms of being able to survive at maps that dish out a decent amount of damage.

    I've mained a Corsair from the point they were released in v.62, and while I've loved it all these years, I've gotten to the point where I want to continue training him again past Level 200, although struggling with one thing. Survival.

    Even at Level 200, two or three hits from Warrior Grounds (and other high level areas) can kill me with my current HP of 18~20k.

    So my question is, what amount of funding is required for a character's defense to reach *9999* and become easier to deal with this? I currently have around 60~80%Dex although only have about 5000 Weapon Defense with full Empress and other equips.

    If anyone else has attempted to fund a Corsair or similar class, do you have an estimate as to how much %Dex would be required to fulfill this? If defense is not the issue, is there any other recommendations to being able to survive easier?

    >< This is literally the only thing that has been making me feel like quitting, so any advise would really mean a lot.

    Thank you greatly!

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    Default Re: Achieving "Max" Weapon/Magic Defense.

    Auto-pot. If it takes 2 or 3 hits for you to die, just make sure you - or your pet - pot after every hit.

    Defense hardly does anything and is definitely not worth investing into. Better to go for HP sources (decent HB, MaxHP potions, etc).

    Also, since the exp penalty has been removed, you can train at Future Ereve / Knight Stronghold. I can't recommend a specific map that's best for squishy ranged classes, but I'm sure someone here knows.

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    Default Re: Achieving "Max" Weapon/Magic Defense.

    I think I reached max defense somewhere around...5k dex with standard armor (i.e. empress or higher). I can't recall completely, and I'm sure someone has a formula. As you get more funding, you get more avoid too, which is also a big deal. I also maxed avoid at around 7-8k dex. It's also reliant on strength/luk and such, so you might need even higher values if you don't have some of those superior items or %all stat.

    I think as a pirate, you sort of almost have to accept getting hit at warrior grounds. The best you can do is increase your % stats to grab that defense/avoid as you mentioned. Autopot, as mentioned above, would make your life much, much easier. There's also the aran character card, but it's pretty bad and probably will not satisfy you. Also, there's that potential on overalls that increases your invincibility by 1-3 seconds (and the corresponding nebulite you can put on the overall), which might help in this situation (I normally don't recommend getting it).

    If autopot is not an option: the best advice I can give you is that you should not panic to pot if you are. Just realize that there's a set interval when you can get hit consecutively, and it's pretty long. Since you've played from .62, maybe you've experienced skeles or bossing back then. With the smaller HP pools, it was actually quite similar (2-3 hit KO). Personally, I got used to training that way through repetition. Eventually, you just instinctively pot, and it stops bothering you as much.

  4. Default Re: Achieving "Max" Weapon/Magic Defense.

    Hm, I was recommended to try to get Decent HB, although of course expensive (will work towards that).

    I have auto-pot, and was able to train fine with it although it just.. sucks.. ALOT to literally be spending 2-4k every single second / a potion a second. I think I went through over three hundred potions in a matter of minutes. I'm glad the experience cap was removed as well and been training there a bit although can see it getting much slower down the road if I'm aiming for beyond 201~

    Along with investing in Decent HB, is there any other ways to passively make survival easier?

    Thank you as well!

    Tried looking for a calculator a few days ago but no luck haha. X) I'll keep searching I suppose.

    I've personally attempted using invincibility equips in the past (borrowed), although it only helped cut on the costs a little bit. The main issue with improving the equips I have is because of this survival issue, funding myself has been difficult haha. Will work on improving the equips I have and possibly someday either do Marvel Machine and hope for the best and get Tyrant, or buy them one day. I've been told the all stats + getting a nice potential can really make a significant difference as well.

    Thanks Vander!

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    Default Re: Achieving "Max" Weapon/Magic Defense.

    if you can get a +invincibility frames nebulite or potential, that cuts into your pot costs a lot (of course, the nebulite is expensive and takes HB spot on overalls)

    other than that and what has been said, familiars help cut the cost a little bit, but the more hp you have, the more they help. upgrading your equips so you get more avoid from the extra stats and decent HB seem like the way to go.

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    As far as I know, they haven't been changed since. Each point in DEX only gets you 0.4 Weapon DEF.

    In the first post in the same thread, Fiel explains how to calculate damage reduction from your DEF stat, but that could possibly be outdated, if not, the damage you take is reduced by a percentage equal to the square root of a fourth of your defense, which means with max DEF, you'd take sqrt(9999/4)% less damage, or around ~50%, and as far as I know, you get -15% damage from Whaler's Potion, which would be multiplicative with the DEF damage reduction, I'm pretty sure. They do like 18k physical damage before any reduction, so even if you had max DEF, you'd still get killed in like 2 or 3 hits, and that's just touch damage.

    Their rock dropping skill is magical, I'm positive, and is also around 18k~19k damage depending on which golem, which is in turn reduced by your magic DEF in the same way as their touch damage is reduced by weapon DEF above, and then also by the 30% elemental resistance from Jolly Roger. When I was getting my Demon Slayer to 210, I noticed that, despite having max DEF already, casting Black-Hearted Strength significantly reduced the damage I was taking from the falling rocks attack, so I'm pretty sure Elemental Resistance could help you there, in which case, you can get 15% more elemental resistance from having the 3 revamped level 120 Cygnus Knights.

    Pretty much your only options for lowering the cost of training are maxing out your defense and getting more HP, invincibility could potentially help, though I would think it depends on what you'd be sacrificing to get it.

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    If you don't mind sacrificing a little damage for more survivability, you could consider changing your character cards a bit:
    - The Hero, Mihile and Dawn Warrior cards all give %DEF,
    - The Dual Blade card gives %avoid,
    - The Dark Knight card gives %HP,
    - The Aran card gives you a chance to recover HP when attacking, although it come with an annoying cooldown, and
    - Any three S or higher/SS combination of cards gives +700/1000 HP;

    Also, since the materials aren't too expensive, you could consider making or buying some alchemy potions (e.g. The Superior/Exceptional/Legendary Fortitude Potion that gives +5/6/7k Max HP for 2 hours).

    And if you haven't done so already, you could get another small boost in HP from the Kaiser and Cannon Shooter link skills, as well as minor stat boosts (i.e. minor DEF and avoid boosts) from the link skills of Jett, Xenon and Hayato (preferably level 2 for all skills since it shouldn't take too much work to get there).

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    Also the BaM card gives %damage reduction (I don't think it works with 1/1 attacks though), so you could look into that as well as the cards that have been posted above^

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    Go kill Ani over and over again. You get Reindeer pots that are untradable like nobody's business (and sunrise dew too, untradable). But of course, the total pot per stack is pretty crap, so the next alternative is either Alchemy pots/(pills), or Monster Life pots.


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    Went through the FM and had no luck finding any invincibility nebulites although did come across a couple decent HB, so think that will be my next target. Thanks Shinku, sent you a message on Skype btw.

    Thank you for that thread, it's helped (and thank you to Fiel as well).

    Surprisingly, the rocks seem to do less damage to me then touch damage so it makes me curious whether or not I'm getting a decent amount of elemental resistance from another source (or from Jolly Rogers). Currently leveling the revamped Cygnus, so it will make it a nice addition as well. Wasn't aware that elemental resistance helped with that, honestly never really understood it's purpose all these years.. (or at least when they added it at some point).

    With all link skills and the cards mentioned in response to the post below, I seem to barely hit about two thousand DEX, so I can see where my defense falls short. With added stat%, or attempting to get better equipment like Tyrant, this will likely improve tenfold.

    Appreciate the statistics, bookmarked and +1.

    I have a S rank Dual Blade, although as my current avoid isn't that high, I've chosen against it (as well as other reasons mentioned below).

    I currently use the following sets:

    Pirate Deck:
    [S] Angelic Buster - +40 Dex
    [S] Buccaneer - 4 additional damage per level.
    [SS] Corsair (main) - Summon creature's duration +10% (useless, although worth it for it's bonus as you mentioned)

    Mage Deck:
    [S] Bishop
    [S] Evan (the MP equivalent to Aran)
    [S] Luminous (only other S mage for the bonus)

    Warrior Deck:
    [S] Kaiser
    [S] Mihile (nice 4% weapon defense)
    [S] Demon Slayer (abnormal status resistance)

    In total it adds:
    + 2100 HP, +2100 MP, +9 ATT/M.ATK
    + Weapon DEF 4%
    + Abnormal Status Resistance 3%
    + 9% damage to bosses
    + 8% of Max HP and MP added as additional damage.
    + Ignore 6% of enemy's DEF
    + 40 STR/INT/DEX
    + 4 additional damage per character level.
    + Summon creature's duration +10%
    + MP Potion item's effect +15%
    + -insert mp equivalent of aran card-

    The cards which help with survival / this issue are marked in bold.

    When the RED update comes, I will likely make a Dark Knight so I can switch out the Demon Slayer for it. The current Corsair card is also very useless, so will see if there's a better option for that.

    In terms of the Dawn Warrior and Mihile, if I already have 4% Weapon Defense from my Mihile, will it stack with the Dawn Warrior? Last I recall, not the case. :(

    Will look into making potions for Max HP, thanks for the suggestion.

    Also, currently set on link skills (as much as possibly likely). I have Level 2 Kaiser + Level 2 Cannon Shooter, along with a mixture of other link skills.
    So will focus on improving my card sets with your suggestions, thanks!

    Hmm, I've had a BaM in the past although deleted it. I'm already pretty set on character cards so may consider it in the future as I do have a Magician set.

    That's exactly what I've been doing haha! It helps a lot, and spending an hour there can product thousands of Reindeer Milk (but again, usually will go through it quickly). +1

    Thank you for all the responses so far, I understand how the multipliers and system works better, as well as having more of a target / goal of what I need to accomplish to make this ordeal easier.

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    Default Re: Achieving "Max" Weapon/Magic Defense.

    Reindeer Milks are useless against enemies that hit more than 5k. The pet will not double-pot.

    However, Reindeer Milks can be used to fill up your Potion Pot, if you have one. Potion Pot gives you the safety of using a Power Elixir after every hit, without the waste. Unfortunately, it's currently bugged and does not work with Auto-HP Pouch.
    Also, if you do decide to invest in a Potion Pot, be aware that its initial size of 1m HP will last you maybe 10 minutes at Warrior Grounds. You pretty much have to expand it to at least 5m if you don't want to be constantly refilling it.

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    Default Re: Achieving "Max" Weapon/Magic Defense.

    On top of what people suggested already, mutant snail familiar can also be useful as it constantly heals your and your partys HP/MP.

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    Default Re: Achieving "Max" Weapon/Magic Defense.

    Unfortunately, the Mutant Snail familiar (or the easier to find Mr. Alli familiar) are more effective the more HP you have. They heal 15% every 10 seconds, which for Tyler's 20k HP corsair means 3k. Not very useful when he's getting hit for 8k every other second. It's not going to save him a single potion.

  14. Default Re: Achieving "Max" Weapon/Magic Defense.

    Like an earlier poster mentioned, personally I recommend you take some time each day to boss on monsters that give you plenty of power elixirs. I usually hoard my power elixirs and NPC the rest of the pots I get from: RA, reg. Zak, Hilla, HT, Ranmaru, Krexel, and Papulatus. If you have the respective boss coupons, then that's many more opportunities to collect pots to prepare for training because I'm sad to say, but as a pirate you'll simply have to tank hits more frequently than would an archer, or a thief.

    Good luck!

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    There are plenty of easy ways to get potions. Do root abyss daily and ask for the power elixers, you can collect quite a few by doing that and other smaller, easy bosses. Potion pots are great, but if you really need auto pot, use power elixers with them. Events give plenty of random pots to, which you can use to fill a potion pot if you have one. You should try to get an HB neb if possible, as the 40% hp increase it great. Also, while is probably would be out of your price range, tyrant equips add a decent amount of defense....

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    Default Re: Achieving "Max" Weapon/Magic Defense.

    I'm at around 30k hp fully buffed on my BM. Training at WG isn't exactly a picnic, but it's not too bad.
    My sources of hp/%hp:
    10% Dom
    +300 RSP
    40% dHB pants (single best investment)
    10% Czak (or replace for 3 piece emp or CRA set effects)
    15% Kaiser Link
    10% CS Link
    3 S card sets

    I did hp was ~20 pts, but it's really not worth the cost. I also put my extra AP into HP. That's still a viable option, but many people dislike it.

    If you can find a recipe from RA or other bosses, the 4k hp boost pots are ridiculously easy to craft. If you do evo world, you can get large supplies of juniper berry seeds and advanced item crystals. The exp isn't all that bad either.



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