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    Default Do we all get Emblems?

    So I noticed that my Aran now has emblem slot in equip UI. I know in RED adventurers got emblems (and Cygnus got them too?), Nova already had them originally. My question is, what about Legends, Resistance? Do we get emblems as well? Would be kinda unfair only give them to half of the classes, but then again it's Nexon

  2. Default Re: Do we all get Emblems?

    I have no doubt in my mind that Legends and Resistance will all end Emblems at some point, then some new hotshot class will come out with a 4th weapon tier equip.

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    Default Re: Do we all get Emblems?

    The Boss Arena content has an Emblem as a reward:

    Equippable by everyone, can be upgraded through Boss Arena and can have potential (unfortunately it's only level 60 though)



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