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    Hey guys, my account was finally unbanned today, and I'm semi-eager to try out the new classes. I have 20 characters and no extra slots. I was wondering if I should delete my Mihile to create a DW, which I will use to get the hat and extra character slot tomorrow. I don't like Mihile's play-style, although I haven't played since release. I do think his link is useful for characters with no stance, such as my BM, but I find myself just not using it, or even forgetting it is even there at times. It is currently level 156 with no special gear, as all I use is tradeable %str gear. Or should I leave it be and only use the slot tomorrow to make one of the koc classes and obtain the DW hat on a character that won't even use it?

    I'm leaning towards deleting, but I've always had this thing about deleting characters. It just kind of makes me sad :(

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    I want to say no.

    The hat is nice... but it isn't THAT nice. They come rare and the stats can be gotten easily from other helmets or set effects.

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    You don't have any other characters that you're considering on deleting?

    I'm also leaning towards no. The link skill is really handy if you remember to use it. Just put it into your quickslots and/or adding to your buffs and you'll be fine.

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    Okay, here is everything on my account, with the only things I would consider deleting separated at the top of the list:

    Battle Mage
    Dual Blade

    White Knight
    Demon Slayer
    Angelic Buster
    Kanna Hayato
    Demon Avenger

    The Corsair was my very first character to get past 100, and it has the Explorer's Critical Ring and Silent Crusader Shoulders (pottable). I really would rather not get rid of it just for nostalgia's sake.
    Battle Mage is alright. I like the play style, although I never invested in mage gear and I'm a damage ho.
    Cannoneer is fun, and I have plenty of %str gear. They are just kind of slow for my tastes, and I probably wouldn't play until post-Red anyways.
    Evan is a piece of junk. Hate the dragon. Hate everything about it. BUT it is one of the 5 heroes. =/
    Dual Blade is fun and I like the play style, but like Battle Mage, I never invested into thief gear.

    I guess second in line for deletion is my Evan. I wanted to wait to see if they got special treatment with a revamp and link skill, but I guess if that ever happens, I can just remake him.

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    I was thinking the same thing, since my Xenon doesnt need Mihiles skill. Might end up deleting my Shad, i dont think i have too many explorers left... keep deleting them for new classes

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    I agree. The hat is nice but it can be worn by any class, and you never know what stats it will reveal as, anyway. If it turns out to have some amazing %str or something, you could always Sharing Tag it to your DW. (The crit bonus by itself doesn't justify the expense, imho)

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    I never made a Mihile, because stance just wasn't appealing to me, it only helped my characters with low dodge and no stance of their own(even without, I got along fine). Your BM appears to be all that -need- it, and since you forget you even have it anyway, you might as well not imo.
    For alts with gear not matching your main class, you're not alone, I've a BaM and MM(a pally as well that I doubt I'd replay), both with little-to-no %stat gear, I figure I'll gear them if/when I play them seriously. I have a bucc similar to your sair, first character of that account, never deleting him.

    Honestly, of your options, I'd kill off the DB, evan, of Mihile. I had an evan, but got bored as hell training it at 8x(pre-BB though, I bet it's more fun now).

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    Thanks for the opinions, folks. After some thinking, I decided that if I didn't enjoy playing it or didn't like the buffs it gave to my other characters, I didn't need it. Bye bye, Evan. You will not be missed!



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