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  1. Default Izzy's 3/4ths-Assed Pirate Revamp

    Like I mentioned, I could probably come up with a better Pirate revamp. And hey, 3/4ths is better than half, right?

    Okay, so anyway, don't expect this to be super high quality stuff, I'm just basing it on what I notice in RED. The changes are from the current RED revamp to this. To be honest, there are a few concepts of RED Pirate revamp that I like/expected, such as Octopush and Energy Charge being the Specialized Skill for Buccaneers. But many other things, what the hell was Nexon Korea smoking when they did this?

    So here it is, be warned, it's not high quality stuff. That's what my Jett revamp is for.




    Buccaneer, and Gunslinger branches coming soon!
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  2. Default Re: Izzy's 3/4ths-Assed Pirate Revamp

    Instead of a Twirling (Roundhouse) Kick, a 180 Somersault Kick might be better to stay true to the original job.

  3. Default Re: Izzy's 3/4ths-Assed Pirate Revamp

    I don't see why you consider Dash to be useless. It gave 100% stance while dashing, and increased the damage of triple shot and corkscrew punch.

  4. Default Re: Izzy's 3/4ths-Assed Pirate Revamp

    Because Dash is hardly used in bossing for its stance, and the damage boost is only when Dash active. Since dash is so sensitive key-wise, i.e. pressing a completely different key may deactivate it, it wouldn't really help me out.
    Hey, I'm not trying to make this perfect. I'll consider it.

  5. Default Re: Izzy's 3/4ths-Assed Pirate Revamp

    Added Marauder. I've been pretty busy lately.



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