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  1. Default Question about new energy charge.

    I believe it is passive. No reason to ever not have it on really.

  2. Default Re: Question about new energy charge.

    passive like it always has been , but much much better with the on usage instead of time spending system and the half benefits without full charging :)

    Has to be always active because the red revamp focused on the unique "Perks" ( or made new ones if the class didn't have any ) of each class and make them more useful and even more of "Perks" As before , like aran combo , DA skill system , etc etc etc

  3. Default Re: Question about new energy charge.

    Also I have another question. The description for Unity has the ominous phrase " Can only be used shortly after entering Energy Charge" in its description. Considering that buccaneers will probably be constantly in energy charge during stimulate, does that mean we can only use Unity once per Stimulate? :/



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