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  1. Default Current attendance quest

    So, today's stamp is over a Lucky Day Scroll...
    If you click "Claim perfect attendance gift", can you get the Scroll, and still get the Unique Pot scroll at the end?

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    Default Re: Current attendance quest


    It isn't counting the days you do it but the number of days you do it as far as I can tell. I haven't missed a date but others have and say this is the case.

  3. Default Re: Current attendance quest

    So it's safe to claim the Lucky Day Scroll today? Or do you claim all prizes at the end?

  4. Default Re: Current attendance quest

    Its like every other event, you claim them as you get them.

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    Default Re: Current attendance quest

    I've been claiming all the prizes as they become available. It hasn't told me "you already claimed your prize". Despite the button saying it's the gift for "perfect attendance", it's just that day's reward and doesn't affect other days' rewards.

  6. Default Re: Current attendance quest

    Today, I claimed all of them at once, but you get them in order.

  7. Default Re: Current attendance quest

    To add onto this, after you do the killing part, you can claim the prize(if the day has one) on another character. I do all the killing on my xenon, but claimed the 100% bonus potential carver on my phantom.



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