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  1. Default Pink bean vs chaos pink bean

    So my guild is going chaos pink bean today, but I just want to make sure that I didnt overlook anything.

    1. Is their dr damage and timer the same?
    2. What other skills do cpb have compared to pb in final stage apart from transform?
    3. Does Da ignore def skill stack with paladins threat?
    4. Which statue spam curses the most?
    5. And finally, does he have any debuff's that ignores status resist?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Default Re: Pink bean vs chaos pink bean

    1) I think so. Except there are 2 DRs in CPB.
    2) Aside from reviving himself like 15 times, not a lot is different.
    3) Seeing as demon slayer's debuff doesn't stack, probably not no.
    4) Rex's (left & right most)
    5) It's been a while since i went but i seemed to be status'd a lot more. I wouldn't worry about it.

  3. Default Re: Pink bean vs chaos pink bean

    I have never EVER face against chaos PB.. but I know a few things.. for example, DS's demon cry doesn't stack with threaten..

    the worst statue for me are the 2nd and 5th? (can't remember, but the birdly ones) since the cast seduce so often e.e

    and yes, CPB ignores status resist, my friend have 100% status resist on his DS and he still get cursed/debuffed at CPB

    Hope it helps :P but give it a try! practice makes perfection

    it took my friend and I like 7 or 10 times at magnus before killing it e.e my ds is so slow

  4. Default Re: Pink bean vs chaos pink bean

    Can nr2 dr be used while dr1 is on cooldown and would it be a total waste to use resostance potion? I mean there gotta be something that its good against, right?

  5. Default Pink bean vs chaos pink bean

    There would be no point in two drs existing if that were true.

  6. Default Re: Pink bean vs chaos pink bean

    So we just need to get our demon avenger to check which dr it is and then time it from there?

  7. Default Pink bean vs chaos pink bean

    No, the only best way to do it is to kill the body within the bind cycle. Which isn't really that hard at all...khaini/scania/some other servers did it the first week of release many many months ago with only 1 stage of bind + crash.

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    Default Re: Pink bean vs chaos pink bean

    but let's be honest here... bind is for wusses. or not everyone will be able to get enough binders.

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    You'll probably want at least 1 bind so that PB doesn't dispel/dr/transform/potlock while you're killing him.

    Just kill 1 body in the 15/20s that he's binded.

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    All boss skills in the Chaos Pink Bean map, like Hilla, completely ignores any status resist you have, so you may want to bring a bishop/phantom for Dispel or a ton of All Cure potions.
    As of recently, Chaos Ariel sucks (literally). You'll occasionally be dragged towards the middle of the map and be kept there for a couple seconds, so be prepared for lots of seducing by the bird on the right and DR from the bird on the left.
    Also, Chaos Pink Bean can't be rushed/pulled anymore, so it'll be very difficult to stay outside the range of Chaos Pink Bean's attacks/status effects.

  11. Default Re: Pink bean vs chaos pink bean

    So this means cleansing potion is actually useful? Wasnt expecting to need that potion like ever. And we have enough binders for doing bind cycle everytime he wont resist it. But how long can he resist crash/bind?

  12. Default Re: Pink bean vs chaos pink bean

    It would be useful if it had a more reasonable cooldown. I wouldn't rely on it (read: don't bother).

    When a body is killed, it is basically a new monster. Cooldowns are reset, DR can't be casted until whatever threshold it is until it can be used, and he can be hit by bind immediately. So if you kill him in 1 bind and have like 5, you can take out 5 bodies by the time you're done using all 5 binds.

  13. Default Re: Pink bean vs chaos pink bean

    When we killed it when it came out, bind+cleansing potion for the rare times when he came out of bind+pot locked was the strategy he used.

    And you really don't need that many binders because while you can only bind once every minute usually, each PB body counts as an entirely new mob so the bind timer resets.



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