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    Default Quantic recruits new team fresh out of Korea

    This is going to be cray. Can't wait to see whether they qualify for LCS.

  2. Default Re: Quantic recruits new team fresh out of Korea

    Locodoco: The Return

    I want to believe so hard.

    EDIT: Also if these guys can compete on the high level that Koreans are known for, the overall skill level and competitiveness of NA I feel will increase. I'm expecting MiG's style out of the new Quantic since it's 3 of Woong's new MiG plus Locodoco who was on MiG Frost. C9 will give them a run for their money, and those who can already compete (Vulcun, TSM, CLG) will gain valuable experience as S4 goes on. I'm excited.



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