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  1. Default A range experiment I want to try

    I'm not entirely sure where I should be putting this, but I guess it'll be moved to the proper place if this isn't the right place. Anyways I want to get a huge thing started where we just buff and see how high we can get our ranges.

  2. Default Re: A range experiment I want to try

    But in all seriousness, there already exist "flaunting threads" for most classes at the Training Center, so this thread isn't really necessary.

    And I'm not sure what your experiment will achieve by collecting a wide number of ranges, either.

    For reference:
    Warrior Flaunting Thread
    Bowman Flaunting Thread
    Thief Flaunting Thread
    Pirate Flaunting Thread

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    Default Re: A range experiment I want to try

    yea, i'm curious, what IS the experiment? (inb4 how many people it takes to be redirected to the proper subforum)



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