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  1. Default Bypass Key ? What use ?

    our cash shop last time update few type of Bypass Key.

    that 10k / 30day on 1 eq ?

    and we got a supremacy seal (forget what name , but it can let u wear over 10lv eq) and price no till 5k

    my question

    the 20lv bypass key , is :

    1. making a Equipment -20lv , Eg: Cygnus Glove Lv140 , Become Lv120 , and can use Lv120 Ress Flame to it ?

    2. my character lv10 , can wear 30lv Equipment ?

    ok my question is thoes 2 , please help

    # my english still no improve sad

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    Default Re: Bypass Key ? What use ?

    The bypass key is applied to the character, not the equip. So it makes the character able to wear gear that is 20 levels higher. It does not make the equip able to take flames 20 levels lower.
    (Someone correct me if the second part is wrong. GMS doesn't have Flames so I'm going by logic alone)

  3. Default Re: Bypass Key ? What use ?

    the key gets applied to the equip slot not the item, scrolls are unaffected.

  4. Default Re: Bypass Key ? What use ?

    I'm assuming TS is from MSEA.
    1. No you can't. Bypass keys only affect your weapon slot. Let's say that you have a Lv150 weapon. You're level 130, and want to use it. Bypass keys allow you to wear that weapon but it wont decrease the required level of the weapon.
    2. Yes, but it would be a waste.



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