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  1. Default Pixel issues with new GPU

    Recently bought a 7870 and there are yellow & pixels showing up, as such here:

    And these are only showing up in games and some layering transparent items. Otherwise I never see them. It's hard to see but there are blue pixels in the image above, and there are yellow pixels where there should obviously be a dark box only.

    They don't exactly move with it per say, but are dominant to the same spot. It just colors will show up better when moved over it. Like they're in a pattern, and it just shows up better.

    Edit: Better example

  2. Default Re: Pixel issues with new GPU

    I think most likely you have a bad card.
    You can try installing it on another system if you do have one to see if it occurs there too. Also, did you try a clean reinstall of the CCC and the graphics drivers? Is your graphics card overclocked?

    Maybe even downloading and running Furmark to check for stability issues.

  3. Default Re: Pixel issues with new GPU

    Yeah I did a clean re-install of CCC the other night and it's still showing up. I'll run FurMark and see whats up. I'm probably just gonna RMA Monday regardless.

    After Running Furmark it seems to have been running Relatively stable. Maybe it's just really unfortunate corruption in the RAM. Gonna RMA anyway. Thanks for the reply.



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