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    OH, WHO WOULD OF THUNK IT. Though this story is just heart wrenching, and if my ex wife did this, I would consider hiring a hitman to end her.

    Long but good read. I also put the video in the middle for context

    I hope all of them get fired but that's hoping for too much.

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    Damn that's messed up.

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    Just want to mention that the social worker restricting the father's ability to self-contextualize is a standard form of trapping that is used commonly in these interviews. I took a charge for my friend back in sixth grade which led me to being accused of threat to violence against another person on the school bus and the principal via supervision from the cops used the same exact form of 'interview'-ing in order to get me charged and suspended. Because I was a minor there were no criminal charges, however because I had agreed that I 'brandished' a knife against someone else on the school bus I was suspended with the police telling me that I was lucky there were going to be no criminal charges. This lacks the context that the principal gave me when I told her that I didn't understand what 'brandished' meant, she told me that I was the one who was 'holding' the knife. To elaborate, both me and my friend who sat next to each other on the bus are asians. I was the one with a 'How To' speech on how to make a salad and brought a knife in order to cut the boiled eggs. Brian, my friend, while on the bus on a whim decided to reach in and pull the knife (which he knew was wrapped) and use it to jokingly threaten some younger kids about why they were cracking up Chinese jokes while looking at us. The bus driver saw the drawn knife and took it into custody while I had to explain to my mom that the knife got taken. Brian told me that if his mom found out, he would be heavily punished.

    It turns out that the mother of one of the two younger kids called the cops that her son was threatened. The cops had contacted the principal and the principal had contacted my mother. I was sent to the school where I was questioned by the principal and police regarding the situation. I felt that what happened was benign. I was asked by the principal if I had brandished the knife. I wasn't familiar with the term, so I asked her what the term meant. She explained that brandished means that I held the knife. Held as in holding. I agreed, seeing nothing wrong with holding a knife. The principal however got up and the 'interview' ended and a police officer came in and informed me what would happen to me if I wasn't a minor and that I should be glad that there weren't criminal charges being pressed. I had a hard time accepting any version of this truth personally, because when I asked against what brandished meant, I was given an entirely different definition that what was given to me by the principal of the school. If anything it cemented to me that I was right in protecting my friend, because the b.s. that I was fed through this entire process was absurd and there is a restraining order put on me to be a set distance away from someone who is my neighbor. Answering questions on their own terms isn't a form of them organically trying to figure out the situation at hand, rather they are already running down their own check list to check mate you into fulfilling their conditions so they can finish their jobs faster. It is an ends driven process where the conclusion in their minds is already set and the process is simply a formality for them to argue that the process was legal and democratic.



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