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  1. Default Animes to watch?

    So, I never really watched much anime before, only things that had come over dubbed, Like Dragon Ball (Z/GT), and Naruto. I have a lot more free time now and wanted to watch some more. So far, I have watched all of Oreimo and SAO, and am up to date on SnK. I wanted you opinions on what some good animes to watch are. I would probably stick to slice of life/comedy, and maybe a few action ones too. Just nothing too dark or gruesome (like the ending to school days...). Some ones my friends recommended were: Toradora, Angel Beats, and Nichijou and Ben-to. Also interested in watching P&Sw/G. Any interesting, funny animes you could recommend? I would prefer things that are 1-2 seasons (2x epsidoes) and completed so i dont waste a ton of time trying to watch a 5 season show or aynthing (because I end up watching non-stop until something else comes up ), however, if you feel it is a good series feel free to mention anything longer or still going on. Sorry if its a little messy, and thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: Animes to watch?

    Soul Eater
    Code Geass

  3. Default Re: Animes to watch?

    I haven't seen Nichijou that your friends recommended, although my friend did and he tells me I should watch it as well. I have seen the other three though. Toradora and Angel Beats are both really solid animes. Both of which were some of the first animes I watched, and are still near the top of my list of favorites. Ben-to wasn't that bad of an anime. Was surprised by how much I liked it when it aired.

    I personally tend to go towards rom-com animes, so my recommendations below more or less contain romance to some degree;

    Clannad & Clannad After Story
    Seitokai Yakuindomo
    Ano Natsu de Matteru
    Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai
    Monogatari Series (Bake/Nise/Nekomonogatari)
    Kokoro Connect

  4. Default Re: Animes to watch?

    Nichijou is really funny but it's IMMENSELY girly. I honestly felt ridiculous while I was watching it. It has like just super wtprandom humor for the most part -- the type of stuff you'd watch when you're injecting sugar into your system.


    Basilisk is really good. It's about ninja, but with a far more mature tone than something like Naruto. Soul Eater is great too.

  5. Default Re: Animes to watch?

    - Puella Magi Madoka Magica
    - Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
    - Watamote
    - Yuru Yuri
    - Yuru Yuri fuwa fuwa

  6. Default Re: Animes to watch?

    Code geass
    Full metal alchemist brotherhood
    one piece

    Those are what I always reccomend and force people to watch.

    Also FLCL and Blue gender was pretty good.

  7. Default Re: Animes to watch?

    My friend told me that FMA brotherhood was really depressing, but still awesome. It will make you cry manly tears.

  8. Default Re: Animes to watch?


    Seto No Hanayome (comedy , harem derp derp)
    S-crY-ed (Actiony)
    Sankarea (Comedy, horror) Needs another season
    Samurai Champloo (Actiony different style)
    Paniponi Dash! (comedy)
    Outlaw Star (actiony)
    Mysterious Girlfriend X (Needs another season)
    Mayo Chiki! (Needs another season) The LN was great, the manga is getting close to the end as well.
    kore wa zombie desu ka? (Highly recommend this and the next season)
    kore wa zombie desu ka? of the Dead
    Karin(chibi vampire) (Anime takes a really different route than manga I felt the anime was meh)
    Kaichou Wa Maid-sama (needs another season and the manga has 1 chapter left to go Q_Q )
    Inuyasha (A lot of episodes to run through but it's good)
    Hellsing Ultimate (though that is kinda gorey but awsome)
    Haiyore! Nyaruko-san (funny)
    Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W(see above)
    Hagure Yuusha no Estetica(needs another season, too good to be so short)
    FMA (brotherhood follows the manga while the originial deviates half way through)
    BOKUSATSU TENSHI DOKURO-CHAN (I believe they call this dark comedy)
    Binbougami ga! (needs another season. Manga is finished and it was awsome)
    Baby, Please Kill Me! (short but good I guess)
    Air (Sad at parts)
    Excel Saga ( PARODY EVERYWHERE and very very random at times)

    I do enjoy mangas as well, but I guess that should tide you over for now

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    Default Re: Animes to watch?

    Angel Beats is overrated. You can watch two dozen better shows before ending up on it. Also, just how dark and gruesome makes a show something you don't want to watch? Given that you're keeping up with Titan and all.

    My tastes skew darker with a lot of sci-fi and action, so I'm gonna try and slice-of-life it up for you:

    - Monogatari shows
    - Kannagi
    - Kuragehime
    - AnoNatsu
    - AnoHana (tear-inducing)
    - Panty and Stocking is a good laugh
    - Hataraku Maou-Sama
    - Minami-Ke (season one, at least)

  10. Default Re: Animes to watch?

    Really? Brotherhood had a great fullfilling ending imo. Honestly it's probably the best full circle story I've come across in terms of anime, code geass second season was kind of stretched and exaggerated, but I enjoyed the metaphor's, some even tying with Jesus

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    Default Re: Animes to watch?

    FMA (both versions) are good, brotherhood is a bit less serious in exchange of being more fast-paced and awesome however. 50-ish episodes
    FLCL feels VERY random, but that's just because nobody really explains the plot (and even then...) 6 episodes
    TTGL: macho mecha powered by explosions, awesomeness and loads of ham, doesn't take itself seriously at all but still has some good drama 27 eps (2 movies that cover the whole series too)
    Clannad: i don't know how bad school days ended, but it can't be THIS bad. 26-ish episodes slice of life.
    elfen lied: Old school, the manga's supposedly better, but very dramatic and gory anime. 12 eps.
    madoka magika: -aww pomegranate kyubey what are you doing!?! it was 12-ish eps i think?
    one piece: @khainiwest is a papayagot, disregard this one (i dunno, 500+ eps? not finished, not slice of life, yadda yada)

  12. Default Re: Animes to watch?

    In regards to elfen lied the manga is far FAR better than the last few episodes of the anime. It just made my mind go WUT? When I watched the anime after reading the manga. The manga was far more fulfilling and had a lot more explaining. If you haven't read it then go do so.

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    Default Re: Animes to watch?

    Why are we recommending Madoka, Elfen Lied, or Hellsing Ultimate to someone saying they don't want darkness and gore? Even if Madoka and Hellsing Ultimate are utterly awesome. (But if you aren't the kind of person to crack a smile at ludicrous bloodshed, Hellsing is not for you)

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    Default Re: Animes to watch?

    that's why i put some small descriptions next to them, i don't know THAT many animes, so i just listed a bit of what i know.

  15. Default Re: Animes to watch?

    School Days Anime Ending;

    Also, if you watch Clannad, you need to watch both seasons. While the first season is definitely very good, the second season is far better. Together, the two seasons are 47 episodes.

    Gonna second Hataraku Maou-sama as well. Great comedy.

  16. Default Re: Animes to watch?

    Natsume Yuujinchou (seasons 1 to 4, each 13 episodes long) is hands-down my all-time favorite slice of life. I read the manga before watching the anime, so I didn't honestly like Season 1's pacing (was a bit slow, but it does pick up in Season 2+).

    It's the only series I've ever read three times, and watched the anime series twice ~ three times.

    And hey, it's #23 on MyAnimeList's top rated anime, to boot.

    FMA Brotherhood is a must-watch imo.

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    Default Re: Animes to watch?

    only reason the second season is so good is because while inferior, the first season lays the foundation for all the characters. makes you love them

  18. Default Re: Animes to watch?

    Oh yeah, I know. I was just saying, if you're going to watch Clannad, you need to watch both of them, not just the first season.

  19. Default Re: Animes to watch?

    Because action. I don't know why Elfen Lied of mentioned as I'd label it way more into psychological but Hellsing has plenty of action though I did mark it as gory :P
    Though I'd only recommend the Ultimate as the normal one deviates so much from the manga

  20. Default Re: Animes to watch?


    Am I the only one who thought Clannad was overrated? I think there's better slices of life out Ano Hana or Honey and Clover.

    So I didn't even bother with the second season (does it get better?). I mean, it's good, but I didn't think it was that good. It's supposed to be a tear-jerker but I didn't even cry.



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