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  1. Default Party Exp Penalty Changes

    So as of this patch you can now be in the same party as someone that's outside the leech level range (6+ levels under or 41+ levels over the monster's level) and still receive the default exp from monsters while gaining bonus exp for being in a party on top of it as well.
    So a thought occurred to me, what if you were to use this at Golems? It would require 5 other people in the party ranging from level 190-192 (since you have to be 190 to enter and Golem leech level is at 193), plus everything else you'd normally use (HS, Kanna, etc.). It would be difficult to set this up, but that exp would be amazing.

    I think this would work at least? I haven't tested it out at Golems yet, so it's all theory.

  2. Default Re: Party Exp Penalty Changes

    I remember at LHC that if the person was not leeching, then the attacker would not get the party play EXP for that low level person (year ago)

    Not sure if your post noted that or not, trying to re-read it but brain is dead after being up for almost 20 hrs and just finish training x2.

    Edit: Yea I think your theory works. Really hard to get 190-192 mules though. It would essentially be x2 more exp right? (20% *5 people)

  3. Default Re: Party Exp Penalty Changes

    Ah, yeah, you're right. I'd forgotten about that after not having used any party play areas for so long.
    If the party play works with non-leeching characters, then yeah, it should be 100% more, but if it doesn't, it should still grant the party exp though, which is still pretty significant for the higher 200's.

  4. Default Re: Party Exp Penalty Changes

    The level 190-192 gets no exp right?

    Nvm, read your post again. Time to get my phantom to 190 after all.

  5. Default Re: Party Exp Penalty Changes

    I didn't read through the entire thread, but it works like this in KMS.
    If there is a level gap of 41 or higher between the lowest and the highest in party, the EXP accumulated per kill would be as if it was solo.

    Weapon Storage 2


    Gap: 50

    You would get the full amount of EXP from the kill+party bonus+PPZ bonus.
    It would work the same if you were any other person in the party, as long as the gap between the lowest and highest party member is there.

  6. Default Re: Party Exp Penalty Changes

    Solo: 130k exp from golem
    Me + 191 DB in party: 130k exp from golem

    Doesn't change. Don't think HS would have any effect.

  7. Default Re: Party Exp Penalty Changes

    Hm. Well it was working when I was working on my TB so I thought it would be the same for Golems...

  8. Default Re: Party Exp Penalty Changes

    What exactly did you do?

  9. Default Re: Party Exp Penalty Changes

    I was just in a party with a Level 200 Phantom HSing myself while still receiving the normal mob exp + bonus exp for being in a party. The Phantom wasn't receiving any exp from my kills either.

  10. Default Party Exp Penalty Changes

    Yeah this makes training a breeze with two computers.

  11. Default Re: Party Exp Penalty Changes

    The best thing about this whole change is that I can use my 200 bishop as an HS mule for my lowbies without having to stash him on a separate map anymore.



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