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  1. Default Chaos Bloody Queen Fire

    Is there any way to get rid of her fire debuff without getting hit by Flame Breath or dying? It 1 shots me. For some reason I lose a life to it too (I seem to remember respawning with the same amount of lives before v141)

    My char can't get 100% status resist

  2. Default Re: Chaos Bloody Queen Fire

    When she was glitched before, the flame breath didn't kill anyone in one shot, it also removed the DoT fire. Anyways, from memory if more than one person took a hit from the flame breath it was supposed to reduce the damage (I haven't done this in a long while and most of the time just dodge it).

  3. Default Re: Chaos Bloody Queen Fire

    Oki I'll see if the more than 1 person getting hit thing changes anything next week. Thanks!



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