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Thread: MapleStory FLY!

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    Doesn't feel like to create a new thread for this, but Southperry doesn't allow me to post this in the inkwell diary thread which is 21 days older.

    Judging from the picture, i think another wave of revamp for Resistance is hitting the shore soon!

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    Oh sure, let's revamp the Resistance AGAIN while Blaze Wizards and Night Walkers are still waiting for their revamp.....

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    This explains why there hasn't been a KMST patch in some time. And while I want to see what they'll do with the Heroes, the damned revamp for the last two KoCs is way overdue.

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    Lets have some more revamps! it's not like there are 2 cygnus knights completely missing right now or anything.

    And of course, this is a named update, which means more classes. hurrah.

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    Didn't they drop most of that failed revamp and just buff BaM's instead?

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    A 3-part update. It seems Resistance is getting revamped. Hero characters are getting a revamp in the future, but I don't know if it is in this update.

    KMST sucks right now. Only a few people report bugs and stuff. Nexon isn't doing anything about the test server. The patches are being released very late (1 week prior KMS patch), bug reports ignored and therefore bugs appear in the stable client.

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    I honestly wished the 'failed' revamp went through. It made Battle Mages look far more unique than what they are currently, in my own opinion.

    But, I honestly do think that the remaining two Cygnus Knights need their overhauls. After playing the three current, I can only imagine the possibilities. I think the heroes, save for Evan and possibly Luminous have received a more than antiquate buff.

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    Yes, sadly. Those Blow skills were much cooler than the current BaM skills though =/
    I think the only thing they should've adjusted is the animations, the way the skills worked seemed really cool. If they were a little less rainbowy they'd probably have been received much better by everyone.

    It sucks, they finally figured out how to achieve the BaM 'combo' system as they tried to do way back in like 2010 KMST with BaM v1.0 and everyone whined about it and they scrapped it. Was a really cool and unique system.

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    he just wants to fist things


    like empress

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    Considering Mechs didn't have any mini revamp just prior to RED, it will be interesting to see what happens to them.

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    As a BaM v1.0 KMST tester, i could not agree more. It was really difficult to master but with some real time investment (and a few kind of major tweaks) it performed well enough to be viable. Maybe if they induced the delay cutting system thunder breaker uses now it would have been saved.

    I don't usually want to main mages, but when i do it was BaM v1.0.

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    You mean ultimates for 4th job magicians?

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    FestivalLet'sYour! Best update name, by far.

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    It seems Nexon continue using a word which each character presented for another phrase, it's old
    You'd better improved my BaM, not ruined them

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    I think you misspelled worst.
    I personally didn't like them, especially the first job attack; just spamming one slash just looked stupid. I guess opinions vary.

    also ew fists

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    Feels no different than our old blows.

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    >Quits his mech
    >Get's revamp

    This revamp better be pomegranate

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    Great, another revamp. This got old about 10 revamps ago.

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    Are they out of ideas for Night Walker and Blaze Wizard? What's taking so long?



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