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  1. Default Feedback: Cygnus Awakens

    Three classes, one thread. Share your thoughts here!

    I started off with my Dawn Warrior and did a Zak run. It took a while to get used to the playstyle since I was switching between Falling Moon and Rising Sun, but once I realized what I was doing it was just like any other Zak run.

    I'm probably going to make the other two Knights later today.

  2. Default Re: Feedback: Cygnus Awakens

    Liking Wind Archer a lot, although I can't figure out how to get the KoC version of Maple Warrior. (My character was already 120) I don't have any quests for that level, unless you get it later.

    Looking forward to getting the hypers. xD

    EDIT: Nevermind it randomly popped up when I was killing stuff.

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    Default Re: Feedback: Cygnus Awakens

    There was this quest in my quest list (forgot which one) but the quest says to meet Empress at the Ereve Station at the Six Path Crossway...then you get to Ereve and see Damian and then the cutscene trailer shows...after a few other read through quests you wind up transporting to Shinsoo and he winds up giving you Call of Cygnus which the Cygnus Maple Warrior.

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    Default Re: Feedback: Cygnus Awakens

    I was the king of likes/Maple Male Star for a while. Then this one di'ck started mass-liking himself with mules and multi-ms.

    So much for fair competition

    Should've taken a ss while I was #1 in something

  5. I post a lot Bi Male
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    Default Re: Feedback: Cygnus Awakens

    The new resolution is so cool. no more black space on the screen anymore.

    It's also much easier to ALT+TAB out of, because before the resolution would always have to change from Maple's resolution to my computers resolution. Now they are the same and it's much easier :D

  6. Default Re: Feedback: Cygnus Awakens

    Finnal attack got fixed, I'm happy.. my dw seems a lot stronger than before and a really nice character overall but i still don't understand the playstyle on solunar stance

    hmmm a bad thing: you can do attendance event only ONCE per account, unlike the past event, so no farming uniques this time :/

  7. Default Re: Feedback: Cygnus Awakens

    Is there a way to turn off Quest Helper without it showing back up whenever I change maps?

    Edit: Turns out it saves its position, so I can move it off the screen.

  8. Default Re: Feedback: Cygnus Awakens

    I like the new text-to-emoticon addition. Some are incongruous, though.

    F2 = :p, :D, :), ^^, ^_^, =D
    F3 = D:, :(, >_<
    F4 = T_T, T-T
    F5 = >:|, >:(
    F6 = :|, o_o, *_*, ._.
    F7 = :O, o.o, 0_0, =_=, -_-
    Last edited by user; 2013-09-05 at 07:27 PM. Reason: Added more emoticons.

  9. Default Re: Feedback: Cygnus Awakens

    I love how the new windwalk feels on my WA but don't really like the playstyle of my dawnwarrior.
    It feels like hayato minus any actual flying-ninja-samurai-ass-kicking action.

  10. Default Re: Feedback: Cygnus Awakens

    Maybe it's coincidence but it appears equip drop rates have increased... I didn't notice anything in the patch notes but logged on my lvl 51 TB/Striker, while walking to Trojans, 7 items dropped. This is either an incredible lucky streak/fluke or possible reality.

    I'll check on some other characters soon.

  11. Default Re: Feedback: Cygnus Awakens

    I'm loving it so far. The new classes are fun and no evo nerf means i won't have to pull my hair out trying to get them all to 120. Lots of free stuff for no real effort, and no USC the day of the patch. Still waiting on RA drops and shadow emp drops but i'll be nice and busy for at least a few weeks.

    Is that what causes it? Nifty as f'uck.

  12. Default Re: Feedback: Cygnus Awakens

    Note to Nexon: please implement skip-tutorials for Cygnus and for all future jobs when they're (re)-released. You don't always get it right the first time.


  13. Default Re: Feedback: Cygnus Awakens

    Potion Pot being fixed means I now actually have some incentive to use Vampire tactically :D
    Magnus is a lot more fun now that you actually have to pay attention rather than standing in 1 place and tanking all the deaths with auto HP/PP revive too. Surprised it took them so long to catch that though.

    On the topic of the Cygnus revamps, Thunder Breaker seems pretty entertaining, maybe I was just really tired this morning but it seemed quite confusing to play.. I didn't really know which attack I was supposed to be using when. Same with Dawn Warrior, I don't get the Lunar/Solar thing. I just left Lunar on because the moon skills look really cool.
    Wind Archer is extremely easy to play, and the extra arrows that fly around everything are so pretty ;_;

    I farmed like 80 more Monster Park Extreme potions today too, never going to run out at this rate xD

  14. Default Re: Feedback: Cygnus Awakens

    You do F2 when you say lol too. Not sure if that's new or not though. I know haha tripped it since forever ago.

  15. Default Re: Feedback: Cygnus Awakens

    With lmao too...
    It's annoying imo...

  16. Default Re: Feedback: Cygnus Awakens

    It appears Typhons drop Typhon Feathers in the CWK Theme Dungeon. We might be able to craft Furies again (though I need the Taos and Black Crystals to confirm).

  17. Default Re: Feedback: Cygnus Awakens

    They're different feathers, totally new items.

  18. Default Re: Feedback: Cygnus Awakens

    Yeah. :( They look alike, but I remember the old ones had a different description and were untradeable.

  19. Default Re: Feedback: Cygnus Awakens

    I'm loving the new Auto-Harvest feature in Monster Life =]

    I was starting to get tired of remembering to check-up on my farm and harvest each of my buildings, but this is gonna make things much easier to deal with <3

  20. Default Re: Feedback: Cygnus Awakens

    Normal Magnus is impossible to dodge now. The knockback from his dash can no longer be avoided by walking towards him.



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