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  1. Default Bosses and drop rates

    After about 3 Empress runs me and a friend had these results:

    1st run: 2 pirate equips & 4 weapons
    2nd run: 1 weapon 1 equip
    3rd run: 4 weapons 1 equip

    Now these are our drop rates:

    10% wealth potion
    1.3x part time job buff
    2x drop card from cash shop
    20% greed pendant from monster park extreme

    However my friends who use nothing but 2x drop got this from 4 runs:

    1st run: 6 weapons 3 equips
    2nd run: 7 weapons 2 equips
    3rd run: 8 weapons 4 equips
    4th run: 8 weapons 3 equips

    Im the only person using these kinda drop items but we always make sure to let me do the final hit, yet the result is always like we're on 1x.

    Am I having really bad luck or am I missing something here?

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    Not to sound cynical but that erratic pattern isn't anything unheard of.

    Stuff like that has happened to me too. Sometimes even on 4x vs 2x drop. :/

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    Ye well at least got good weapons (price wise), but still doesnt make sense. Im gonna post results later today when we do our 4th run. This time we will bring my HS mule for another 30% drop, if results are still the same, I think Im gonna attempt a solo for my last clear of the week.

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    Does eMS have individual boss drops? From what I've heard (admittedly, only like once on Insoya, and now I'm not even sure that actually happened) the drops you get are based on your own drop rate, so it could hurt your drops if you're the only one who uses drop multipliers.

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    With just pig familiar

    - V2 run gave me like 10-12 equips
    - next week's V2 run gave me 1 equip

    It's just random. Obviously adding more drop% [ones that stack] increases your odds of more drops, but it doesn't necessarily mean you WILL get more drops.

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    No we dont have it. After reading this however, Im seriously considering to solo instead, in case some of it matters. My problem is that I like the person I duo with, and without me he cannot successfully kill empress. I used to have problems with it aswell, thats why we started going together, but now that I upgraded my gear Im 100% certain that I can do this by myself. I did however see some changes with drop rates when I was doing Visitor PQ. If I was soloing, I would get at least 1 drop within 2 pq's while if I were going with some friends I could get nothing for 10 pq's.

    Yes but dont you think its kinda weird? The guy who solo gets 2x our drops on every single run compared to mine yet we use more multipliers.

    Also 2 other friends of mine went w/o multipliers and got 3 weapons 1 recipe 2 equips. Or they both used 1.2x family buff & greed pendant, not 100% sure.

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    Dont know, didnt pay attention to it at all. But as far as I know white exp only means you made the final killing blow, not most damage and I always do the final blow.

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    I'm 95% sure that drops are determined by who does the most damage, not who does the last hit.

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    Well I still do most dmg, but I've decided to go solo from now on. See how it goes this week and go back to duo if it doesnt change.

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    It should be last hit. You can test it by killing low level botted monsters that are almost dead, pretty sure they don't drop mesos.

    edit: Oh and when I get last hit on Empress V1s like nothing drops, but when my partner on 2x card kills them there's always dream frag + like 3 random etcs

    I do more damage.

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    In the past, if you hit low HP, low leveled monsters, you'd get drops even if you were far too high.

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    I see...

    Anyways I tested it just now, seems like they don't drop mesos any more. Full HP Dark Cornian was 1300 exp, killed a few and got 154 exp and stuff but no mesos.

    edit: I actually have no idea if whoever hit them before was in the correct level range to get mesos.

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    nvm mesos still drop

    edit: meso drops also weren't lootable right away so with normal monsters, looks like it's most damage
    idk about bosses lul

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    So this just proves that at bosses it could be (obviously not 100% sure) both most dmg & lasthit. I know for a fact that we tried to finish as soon as possible, my friend probably did more dmg than me on empress herself, but I was doing way more on knights for sure. Hes a battle mage, meaning he cant use battle rage vs 2nd wave and thats a big part of his dps.

    But now that I've upgraded my gear, my dmg should be 2x of what it was before so even with him there I should do more dmg.

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    It might also be possible that it could vary between MS versions (but probably not).

    I might test a few bosses real quick to see who the drops belong to and who determines drop rate, but idk if the same rules will apply to expedition bosses

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    I think we were meant to get different drops per person in EMS, but it was one of those things that werent fully added. We did get flames with unlimited, but bosses didnt drop any, same for supisicious cubes. Once we got spark they messed up things that were from KMS Unlimited and flames stopped working. Now we have both KMS unlimited & GMS unleashed but half of the things dont work like they should. Our Evolution system still drop a lot of ores/equip w/o cores applied, its 30 min duration instead of 20 & our evo empress hardly drop shoulders (aka gms shoulder bug when evo came out).

    This is why Im not even sure what to believe in anymore and rather just solo to be on the safe side. I hate to tell my friend that Im going alone but I paid for this 2x 30 day card and I want to make profit on it.

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    no drop rate

    spider + greed pendant

    Drop rates were determined by my Evan who got last hit. Xenon did most damage.
    Drops were completely invisible to my Evan.

    Xenon was offline when all 4 Zenos died if that affects anything (probably not).

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    Went solo and got 7 weapons & 2 equips. Luck? Not so sure anymore.



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