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    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a price check on these items. I'm trying to sell them, but I fail on knowing the prices. Even if it's an estimate it would really help me.





    Thanks in Advance.
    edit: If anyone is interested, I have a store on FM6 under the name Decent Thief Equips.
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    The 16% LUK earrings could go for anywhere between 800m+ to ~1b if they're desperate, but they do take a while to sell especially since quite a few 15(+1)%'s are always lying around FM.

    I sold my 15% INT Pinnacle Ring to a friend for ~1.5b (he hasn't paid me yet, and we've yet to decide on a solid price), and I've seen one or two up for mid-high 1b to 2b. Personally I wouldn't pay 2b for a 15% ring, but rich people are rich.

    No idea for the rest of 'em, sorry. You should probably just stick them in a merchant and take offers.



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