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  • X

    22 43.14%
  • Y

    20 39.22%
  • Wait for Z (a 3rd edition)

    0 0%
  • X and Y (and perhaps Z later)

    9 17.65%
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  1. Default The important question!

    So, we're getting close to that time where we all have to make an important decision.

    X, Y or both? (Or hold out for Z? It's probably going to happen!) If you're undecided, you can always vote later :p

    edit: Meant to enable vote changing but forgot to reclick the box after editing the number of poll options. Whoops. (I can't see a way to change poll options, if I'm just being silly and missing the obvious button, someone feel free to tell me where it is)

  2. Default Re: The important question!

    I'm getting both X and Y (the actual hard copy). Then, since there's a 95% chance we're getting the XY 3ds XL's, I'm gonna get the Y one, so I'll have 1 X and 2 Y. If we get Z later on (or direct sequels again), I'll probably get that too.

  3. Default Re: The important question!


    I'm waiting for a bit more info on the exclusive pokemon list, if there will be any. Otherwise I'm getting X.

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    Default Re: The important question!

    From the list revealed so far, i'd say X.

    I like Xerneas and Clauncher.

  5. Default Re: The important question!

    X, at least for now.

    Definitely more of a fan of Xerneas compared to Yveltal. We'll see if the decision changes when more version exclusives are announced.

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    Default Re: The important question!

    Y, Yveltal looks way too badass.

  7. Default Re: The important question!

    For me, it's still too early to decide. I know it's kind of a cop-out, but I usually wait until the full Pokemon list is revealed and then pick based on what game has which Pokemon I like best.

    But if I had to choose based on what we only know currently, despite really loving Xerneas' design and Typing, I will always be a devoted Dark-Type user, so Yveltal wins overall. I also like Skrelp over Clauncher... though I have to admit I'd prefer Swirlix over Spritzee, but Spritzee is alright too.

  8. Default Re: The important question!

    Most likely X at first and if i like it enough Y afterwards and then Z if that's the next game. (I really hope they do it like B2/W2 and then call them XX and XY, would be cool if they ran a genetic-theme in said games, one can dream)
    Though if i can get a specific friend to get X i'll probably get Y, just need a reliable way to get my hands on the X-legendary.

  9. Default Re: The important question!

    Definitely getting X, most of the time you get a lot of references from the last game that makes the 3rd one a bit more charming.

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    Default Re: The important question!

    undecided. will pick one up when i pick up an XL or something. but it isnt in priority

  11. Default Re: The important question!

    Y for me and my brother and X for my cousin. If she lets me play, it'll be sort of both. ^-^

    Originally she wanted Y as well but she had to get X because she couldn't convince my brother to give her the Red Joker bird.
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  12. Default Re: The important question!

    I'll be getting Y and a couple of friends of mine are going to get X, so I'm just going based off which game they were getting that I'd get the opposite.
    Normally it'd be a matter of getting the game with the cover legendary I like more, but honestly I like Xerneas and Yveltal equally so it didn't really matter to me.

  13. Default Re: The important question!

    Getting both cause I'm giving one to a friend for her birthday present.

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    Default Re: The important question!

    i always pick the "red" version, cover wise, so my choice's been Y for a looong time

  15. Default Re: The important question!

    I really like Skrelp and Spritzee, and a friend of mine is getting X, so I'm getting Y. Xerneas and Yveltal are both really cool though, so I'll probably also end up getting the third version or sequel.

  16. Default Re: The important question!

    I usually prefer the 3rd version of the games (Emerald, Platinum) so I'll wait for Z (if there is any). Otherwise I'll go for X.

  17. Default Re: The important question!

    Getting Y. Yveltal just looks too awesome not to get.

  18. Default Re: The important question!

    Me and my brother always get ine each so we have the set between us. I was leaning towards Y because Yveltal looked bad ass, But not sure yet. Xerneas would be the first fairy legendary... I guess I will wait a month till I know more (like how dark and fairy stackup).

    I was thinking of getting all the starters, just keep restarting the game and trading it over to the other game until we have all three starters on both (and maybe lots of Torchics too?)

  19. Default Re: The important question!

    Preordering X, getting Y whenever.

    EDIT: I have officially preordered Y. My wallet is in tears, but I'm in tears of joy.
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  20. Default Re: The important question!

    So yeah, pretty much confirmed what I though. All the cool kids are getting X or X and Y.

    I wonder if they will announce a Z version later. Slightly tempted to get Y as well, but if a 3rd version is coming, I'd rather wait.

    I'm sure your friendly neighbourhood southperry will have plenty of people ready to trade over eggs/newborn starters to people who want them. As soon as we work out what they can breed with anyway/find out if ditto is catchable at somepoint.



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