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  1. Default Additional Option

    Is there a list of possible additional options?
    Does different level items have different maximum additional option available?

  2. Default Re: Additional Option

    From personal experience in KMS & some in EMS:

    - Stat that you can obtain is greater the higher level your item is
    - Weapons can have 6% boss dmg & 3% total dmg (not so sure if they can gain bonus w.att but I think they can)
    - All items can get 3% all stat (no idea how this works, before or after potential, probably before like mw)
    - \\

    On my level 150 belt I got 23 all stat, while on my lvl 140 glove I only got 12 dex and 12 luk. This was from using 1 flame on each equip. On my pocket item (level 100 evolution world one) it gave me nothing in 4 flames. Ended up with 600 hp 5 all stat.

    Im just unlucky, because I once had a level 90 bow in KMS dropping with 40 stat bonus from just additional option. So its like cubing, sometimes you get lucky sometimes you get nothing. But if you get lucky levels matter A LOT.



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