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    Default Navigating New Waters

    I haven't played in ages, mostly due to the fact that I haven't owned a computer running a Windows OS (other than Win 7 on a partitioned MacBook Pro) until this past week and figured I'd try and get back into the swing of things for various reasons. I haven't played actively for about a year. I came back briefly in late June/early July but was too overwhelmed by all the changes. My main up until this point has been my level 147 Bishop, but since the LHC nerfs I haven't really been to interested in actually training (as opposed to leeching, I know, sue me) a support character. I do have a level 100 Crusader I was planning to pick things back up on in GAZED. Originally I was playing it as a 1H Sword Crusader and intend to do that again if that is still an intelligent option (I just prefer a faster weapon when it comes to gameplay).

    So, if any of you would be kind enough to help answer a few questions to point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.

    • Is there an updated Crusader guide available online?
    • Would it be a smart idea to switch to 2H sword or is 1H acceptable if that is my preference?
    • An updated list of training spots?
    • Any links or summaries of major updates over the past year that would impact my gameplay?

    Thanks, SPers.

    tl;dr: Have not played actively in a year. Returning to level 100 one hand sword crusader. In need of guides for my crusader and summary of the changes that have significantly impacted gameplay over the past year.

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    this guide by flamechocobo is good until red comes out.
    As far as training evo world is key(with the good amount of cores) until 140,then dimension invasion until 160,then HOH,and then...twilight perion I believe.

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    2h is the best choice by far if you are funded. This is because the multiplier is higher and the slower attack speed is fixable with Inner Potential, Decent SI and/or pots from Root Abyss.

    If unfunded 1h is a good option because of the extremely expensive 2h sword prices and the potential cost of getting attack speed modifiers.

    The benefit of shields having potential was made moot with the release of secondary weapons for every class, and the extra weapon attack one could have scrolled it with is not going to make much difference when funded because of the lower multiplier of 1h swords. Not to mention how hard it is to get shield attack scrolls these days.
    Having a shield is only beneficial for Pallys up until a future patch where secondary weapon will trigger their shield related skills and perks.

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    Default Re: Navigating New Waters

    Great, thank you!

    Thanks for the concise description, Carrion. I'll probably go 1h sword for now at least until I can build up some funds or if I decide to sell my Bishop equipment. And hey, now that I know 4th job is level 100 all the more reason to start things up again.

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    Also shields can be easily crafted, found from drops and then fused for weapon potential, which is much better for the unfunded player in terms of finding decent potential on their secondary weapon.

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    Stick with 1h for now, they is nothing wrong with it. 2h will give slightly better DPS, but if your just getting back you probably dont have the funds or the knowledge to get the neccisary equips for now. You probably want to get back into the swing of things first.

    For training, use the 5 evo runs per day every day you can. Evolving wold is a new area (use the dimensional mirror). You will have to do a few prequests (a couple of minutes). Once you unlock it, get the spawn +% cores you can afford. IF you think you are strong enough, also get the +level and HP% cores. They will make the monsters stronger, but give more exp. Train only in link 3, there is a machine that vacs all the monsters to the center ever 1-1.5minutes, letting you kill tons of mobs quickly. After all your runs are over, you can do PQs (Romeo and Juliet is great till 120). Since lhc was removed, its regular training spots. I prefer flat maps with a lot of spawn, so i stay in leafre (ludrium deep clock tower is good too). When you are the right level, do the Golden Temple and Time Travel theme dungeons. They both give a mmb, medal, and decent exp. Once you hit 140 do Dimensional Invade PQ. You probably wont be strong enough to solo it, so go with some friends (at least at first to gauge how you would do and learn the stages).

    Unlimited buffed most bosses, and the scrolling and enhancement system was tweaked.



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