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  1. Default Elsword Livestream

    Mostly, I'm just testing out livestreaming, but I plan to be playing for a while.. Feel free to come watch.

  2. Default Re: Elsword Livestream

    ~Mains a veteran commander.

    Elsword is a lot of fun =3 But gets boring when your guild is dead and pvp is so...ugh [ a lot better than other pvp systems bt i wish some things were changed ]

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    Default Re: Elsword Livestream

    That is why I never PvP, ever. Also, VCs are great.

    Fields tend to be glitchy too. :(

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    I always found Elsword gameplay sorta repetitive. Maybe I'll watch you play and see. (If you're still streaming D:)

    Karen I know you played DFO, does Elsword have the same kind of combo'ing/amount of skills as DFO? I played it early on with crow, but quickly got bored, since I think for one, Elsword would be more my style instead of crow anyway, and two the noise it makes when you hit stuff kinda annoyed me. :P

    Edit: Yea you're done, oh well. ; - ;



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