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  1. Default Dojo PDR & Xenon

    Im trying to improve my dojo time, but I cant seem to find their PDR value anywhere, are they using the same as the orginal versions (for instance lyka 30% leviathan 20%) or do they have some changed value?

    I did a test run without my buff's (this means w/o att potions from alchemy and what not, obviously used MPE green potion to reach cap speed) by just using blade dancing whenever I cannot 1hko with Fuzzy and I probably have to do a 2nd run with just Fuzzy to compare, however I dont have time to test for 5h+.Which is why Im curious if anyone tested this before? (at least looking at @JoeTang xenon table blade dancing should be better if lower than 70% PDR, but it just doesnt feel like it matches)

    Note that I've done several upgrades since my last dojo, so I have no clue what my old dojo timer was.

    If this helps:
    PDR lines: 30%, 10% (for fuzzy only) 30%, 10%, 15%, 15%, 8% and 59% boss dmg.

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: nvm, I managed to do some tests and its pretty close to eachother, but with blade dancing its higher risk of getting dispel & stun, seems like 30% and 10% PDR makes a difference even in dojo.
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