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  1. Default oz's flame + kms red update fire mage

    i was looking at some of the new skills the fire mage will get, in particular incite and mana burn. their descriptions read "when using fire magic" there's a chance to activate their effects.

    my question: would oz's flame (the spirit summon for magician ultimate explorers) activate these effects? is the summon's attacks considered to be fire magic? also, another, similar question: would the fire elemental staves boost its damage (along with ifrit summon's attack)?

  2. Default Re: oz's flame + kms red update fire mage

    IIRC the damage that most summons put out is only dependent on the range of the character with the summon, %boss,%total damage and stuff aren't taken into account, so i don't think that e-staves would boost the elemental damage.

    As for your first question I have no idea sorry :L

  3. Default Re: oz's flame + kms red update fire mage

    Above is correct.

    As for the first question, it is fire based damage, but I've no idea as to whether or not the new skills will have any effect on it.



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