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  1. Neon Atom
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    Default InstaGMs

    Since GM are pretty active this month, I'm sure some of us took pictures with them. Post any picture related with GM here, either ones in the past or recent, funny or informative.

    This is some of the pictures i took this month with some interesting conversation:


  2. Default Re: InstaGMs

    pic 1
    "the pay is decent but a can't tell you how much though"

    pic 2
    "we get $9 a hour"

    That was amusing.

    They still seem to have trouble banning hackers though, as someone in the second pic pointed out.
    On a couple of days while I was Empressing pre-Unleashed it looked like this.

    1) I Empress, GM was inside. I can tell because the GM took aggro, and/or his presence influenced the number of mobs in Scrubby Garden.
    2) Hacker went in after me, full run with obvious hacks without anything happening
    3) I Empress on another char right after, GM was still inside. Sometimes I can even confirm that it's the same GM.

    Don't know why it's so hard to ban hackers but oh well.

    pic 3 is interesting too
    "they don't let us play the game only GM"

    I guess that confirms what KhainiWest and a few others said.

  3. Default InstaGMs

    It's like having aliens be police officers. They can't know how to enforce the law if they're not allowed to study how the world works.

  4. Default Re: InstaGMs

    Makes perfect sense to Nexon I guess. "If we have humans as police officers they might start arresting everyone they don't like, better hire aliens instead!"

  5. Default Re: InstaGMs

    I mean, if they really cared to learn they would visit some fansites. Thats what I did when I was first starting

  6. Default InstaGMs

    If only it was incentivized. They definitely don't get paid more for performance nor do i expect there to be any kind of promotions for such a job. It sounds like such a thing would be discouraged, though. Stupid.

  7. Neon Atom
    IGN: Godtastik
    Server: Windia
    Level: 21x
    Job: Zero / CM
    Guild: Articulate
    Alliance: Notorious

    Default Re: InstaGMs

    Was gonna post that, lol. Can't wait for it!

  8. Helium Atom Straight Female
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    Default Re: InstaGMs

    Yesssss, I was hoping for news like that. I loved playing Zero in KMS but lie detectors kept kicking my ass. So excite!

  9. Default Re: InstaGMs

    Only if they did a better job with their ticket support system.

  10. Default Re: InstaGMs

    $9/hr is good pay? Did they hire a bunch of high-schoolers? What's Minimum Wage in California now-a-days anyway? $8.99/hr? "1 cent over minimum? YES! I WIN!"

  11. Donator Male
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    Default Re: InstaGMs

    Nexon is the only gaming company i know that encourages their staff to not play the game they're making.

  12. Default Re: InstaGMs

    Consider getting paid to play the game you love.

  13. Default Re: InstaGMs

    Except their complete and utter lack of knowledge about the game from all/most accounts here has shown that they don't love MapleStory...or even care for it...or, hell, even know how 95% of the game works.

  14. Default Re: InstaGMs

    While that is true, would you mind getting paid to play?

  15. Default Re: InstaGMs

    Considering my current job entails about two hours of work and then six hours of whatever the hell I want...and I get over double the pay rate...I'll keep my job.

    However, I do get your point, but I'm not sure MapleStory would be the game I'd want to get paid to play...but honestly, how much of the game do they actually get to play as GMs? I would imagine it would be as boring as bug testing is - wander around aimlessly and look around for problems.



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