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  1. Default Recube for Boss Damage?

    I got these lines on my Fafnir Gun. I was aiming for 2 lines of boss damage, but would these lines provide a larger damage boost for me than 50%-70% boss damage? My understanding is that the 18% ATT potential would provide a 18% increase in damage since I don't have any other sources of % ATT. Is this a correct assumption? How much boss damage would I need on the gun to beat 18% attack and 35% Ignore Def?

    These are my sources of boss damage, total damage, and Ignore Def (including Corsair skill updates from RED so Brainscrambler would be my main attack)

  2. Default Re: Recube for Boss Damage?

    1.18/1 > 4.6/3.9

    You can't really beat what you have now. It's about even with 70% boss.

    edit: the 2 att% lines by themselves are even with 70% boss if that wasn't clear, def ignore on top of those makes it even better

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    off-topic-ish but isnt that already 60% boss damage built into the gun ??? or am i understanding the new UI wrong ???

    number 9:

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    Sort of. It's 30% from the gun and 30% for completing the Root Abyss set. I have the other 3 items equipped which is why it shows +60% in the UI.

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    i'm pretty sure that UI is telling you 70% boss because it's that part of the raven horn set which will give the bonus 30%.

    the entire root abyss set gives 60% boss because of the set effect and the built-in boss damage i believe. not having the set effect just gives the weapon's boss damage.

    edit: ninja'd oh okay. uwu
    i wish i could pineappleing afford the root abyss set but i'm just so torn on giving up my self-cubed things ;; i also need to know how much my equips would be anyhow.



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