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  1. Default Golden hammer failed slot

    When a golden hammer fails, it's like a failed scroll or that slot is lost forever? Can clean slate scrolls recover it?

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    Default Re: Golden hammer failed slot

    Like a failed slot, you can slate it back.

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    Default Re: Golden hammer failed slot

    if the hammer succeeds, you gain one hammer slots, if it fails, in addition to gaining the hammer slot, the slot gets used (like if you had failed a scroll). like greenpepper said.

    so you could fail 2 50% hammers and clean slate back those scrolls.

  4. Default Re: Golden hammer failed slot

    Is it like...

    Item has 10 slots, you fail a hammer, clean slate it, then...

    a) It becomes 11 slots after passing the slate
    b) It becomes 10 slots 0 vicious hammer applied

    Probably b, but still sounds weird

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