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    So we got the anvils back yesterday in EMS, used some normal ones the last time. I want to use a medal anvil coming days, but unlike the normal anvil, it has extra text (a warning) in the description.

    ''There is a risk that items with similar appearance may be fused together!''

    Does anyone know what this means?

    Thanks in advance ^_^

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    I can't help you, but I recommend that you post this on the official forums.
    Maybe someone who has their language set as something other than english, can read and translate it for you. I hear that they( EMS translators) don't make as many mistakes when translating to german.
    The english translator(s) should surely be fired, though! The patch notes and event announcements tend to be unreadable.

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    Thanks, couldn't find it with google search o.o

    But thanks for info so far both. Never heard of any problems from people using it, so I guess it's just an unclear description as usual.

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    I believe it's a translation problem that resulted in vagueness. (+The fact that descriptions by nexon Korea is always vague as forks)

    In the Korean version, it says "Be careful because medals with the same exterior might be fused (implying that you should double-check which medal will be the exterior and which will be the "function")".
    Just make sure you put the right medals in the right slots and you'll be fine.

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    German is translated from English, so whatever it says in English also says it in German (and Dutch for that matter). It might be totally correct German and totally correct Dutch, but the translators only get the English text to translate from.

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    What I got from it is that you can fuse 2 medals that look identical (and thus waste the anvil) since some medals have very similar appearances.



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