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  1. Lightbulb Ultimate feedback!

    Hey guys, Maryse from the official forums here!
    (I'm still confused about how to work this website, so sorry if it isn't in the right section )

    I know some of you have a strong opinion when it comes to MapleStory/Nexon. Some things that aren't exactly allowed to be said on the forums or that aren't really seen on any other websites.

    What I'm willing to do is spend some time with you guys, 1 on 1, and have you tell me what you honestly think of the game. I also have a few questions to help me come up with a report as well as statistics.
    I can't promise you that I will be releasing the report/statistics as they'll go directly to the staff.

    I will not be taking any feedback on here, but on Skype, as I feel it's better to actually be talking in-real time and in a private setting and so I don't have to refresh the page and keep up with all of the answers.

    However, I won't be taking any hacker/bugs and glitches reports. Only feedback. But when it comes to feedback, there'll be no limit, you can tell me anything you want and I'll be sure to pass it on as best as I can.

    I won't be using my main Skype account, but an alternative one for this: Maryse.Maple

    Link to the thread on the Official forums

    For safety reasons, I will not be clicking on any links and/or accepting any files you will send me. I will also not accept any calls for either video or voice chats.

    Hope to hear from you guys! :)

  2. Default Re: Ultimate feedback!

    inb4 only "I miss the old maple" responses

  3. Default Re: Ultimate feedback!

    Hm, interesting. If only I had Skype.. Must say it is a nice idea regardless. Guessing from the way the post sounded you probably aren't replying to anything in the forums but in the off chance that you are, do you plan on answering and taking feedback for a while or just for a short period of time?

  4. Default Re: Ultimate feedback!

    Just another reason for me to get skype eventually.

  5. Default Re: Ultimate feedback!

    Unclear about what kind of feedback you want. Is it about the quality of life, customer service, character progression, Cash Shop related goods, training areas, "end game" meta, hackers/botters, etc?

    Other than the fact that all these areas need some work (although getting better), there's not many things that needs to be mentioned privately unless it involves that site that shall not be named and hacking in general.

    I can pull a trigger on another Maple Story criticism wall-o-text like I have in the past if you really want. ;/

  6. Default Re: Ultimate feedback!

    I do have some ideas, but I doubt they will be implemented in the game, so I don't know if I should.

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    Default Re: Ultimate feedback!

    what sephie said pretty much. also i only operate at high night hours.

  8. Default Re: Ultimate feedback!

    As long as people are adding me, I'll be taking in anything I can.

    Anything game/Nexon related.
    Anything you'd like to say about it.
    I also have questions that you can answer so I can organize everything better.

    If it's feedback, I'll take it!

    I'll be literally here all night.

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    IGN: ShinkuDragon HoukaPhoenix BoshokuRaven
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    Default Re: Ultimate feedback!

    let's try over the weekend then if you don't mind, probs fri/sat.

  10. Default Re: Ultimate feedback!

    Perfectly fine.
    I'll be using this account for as long as people are willing to give me feedback. :)

  11. Default Re: Ultimate feedback!

    Well, it's not so much as feedback as ideas such as a Jett Revamp, an NLC quest revamp, and a Haunted House revamp. I'm not sure if you'd still be interested in it, though.

  12. Default Re: Ultimate feedback!

    Eh, not really honestly.
    I want to know what people think.

  13. Default Re: Ultimate feedback!

    Didn't think so. Oh well.
    What about bug fixes, even typos?

  14. Default Re: Ultimate feedback!

  15. Default Re: Ultimate feedback!

    Damn, can't believe I didn't see that part. Whatever then.

  16. Default Re: Ultimate feedback!

    With the 'login and win' quest gone, we lost another source of unleashed coins, and for some reason, pzak ends 1 week before the last day of other unleashed event quests. We will be down to 14 coins per day, 10 from teabag, 4 from clonesicle.
    Since unleashed shop has SO MUCH goodies that cost a decent amount of coins. Is it too much to ask for a farmable 'unleashed box' that can gives coins plus other random crap? You know, like every other coin shop events.

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    Default Re: Ultimate feedback!

    If you could tell Nexon one thing

    It's a year old, and (amazingly) some of the things were actually done, but the top five are still waiting.

  18. Default Re: Ultimate feedback!

    Are you a nexon employee?

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    Default Re: Ultimate feedback!

    She's a volunteer on the Nexon forums.

  20. Default Re: Ultimate feedback!

    As Razmos said, just a Volunteer.

    Side note: I'm still gathering feedback.
    I got 40 people so far, which is more than I expected.
    Thank you guys!



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