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  1. Default Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

    Reaper of Souls

    Malthael, the original Angel of Wisdom returns as the Angel of Death.

    Initial Information


    It has been confirmed that any system changes (loot, paragon) will be available as a free patch to D3C. Presumably, they intend to have a Ladder system implemented as that's a highly desired option.
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    This will probably get me back into the game again. The random dungeons and better loot system are what attracts me most. Doing act 3 over and over got extremely tedious. Especially since nearly all drops were useless for me.

    The crusader looks pretty great. I have been playing a barb since the game was released so I might check that out.

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    As usual, Blizzard knows how to hype things up for me lol.
    The loot changes please me greatly.

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    I feel bad for all the people who grinded the hell out of the best Lv.60 gear. Then again, should have been expected when they announced an expansion.

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    I was the best summonmancer on D2 for years, and I had my base Energy at 150 to compensate for my excessively high mana costs due to my strange build. People laughed, people died, then eventually people all started copying me. People that assign all mainstat don't think things through very well; what's the point of having a massive amount of life when you are always ooM, and you never get hit anyway until all your summons are dead, at which point you are useless anyway?

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    Seems ever since the crap that was d3's initial release, Blizzard has been working quite a bit on making it a better game and they've come a long way. The trailer looks great as usual, and the additional things they are adding look just as good. I'll very likely buy it.

    Flonne what exactly was your build? I remember playing a geared out necro and dying instantly despite having 5k health because I was dumb and didn't max block. Tele'd into a fana might amp group of fetishes in act 5 . Was a sad day as I only played hardcore. Still the strongest build i've seen had a faith rogue with might/infinity act 2 merc. With maxed skellies/magi it tore through ubers within a minute or so.

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    Why? It's not like grinding ever has a point. They still have their stories and their bragging rights.

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    Default Re: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

    Paladin! Crusader! YES.

    I'm going to get the CE this time. Not going to miss out on it like before. One thing for sure, Account-wide Paragon levels pleases me immensely. I'm going to feel bad though for the people that reached Paragon 100 on more than one character.

    Also, this is essentially the same thing they did with D2 and pretty much every other game in the past. People say how amazing D2 is, but they always forget the pre-LoD days before it got to be as fun as it is now. :|

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    Default Re: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

    This looks really good, and it's made me want to play Diablo III again, it's been at least a year since I played.

    Unfortunately I uninstalled the game due to it taking up loads of space, and in my attempts to redownload it from, I find out that an authenticator has been added to my account that I never added myself, looks like i've been hacked and blocked out of my account. that sucks hard.

    I sent a ticket with a scan of my passport, so hopefully this will be fixed soon.

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    Paragon has no cap, so those people will have up to Paragon 500 when this comes out. People forget that LoD 1.00 and 1.10 were almost completely different games.

    Loot 2.0 and Paragon 2.0 presentation. Obviously some room to change, but there's a lot of good steps here; however, the Dead Man's Legacy is just gigantically upscaled to level 70.

    Paragon 2.0 allows Core, Offensive, Defensive, and Adventuring stats to be added to so...
    Core: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Vitality
    Offensive: Attack Speed, Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Damage, Minimum Damage, Maximum Damage
    Defensive: Armor, Resistance, Life%, Block%, Crowd Control Reduction, Life Regeneration, Life on Hit, Life Steal?
    Adventuring: Magic Find, Gold Find, Pickup Radius, XP%, Movement Speed

    They're really going to have to tweak things if they don't want everyone to stack IAS and Crit.

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    Grinding has a point when it deals with just levels or something that is reusable. Grinding for gear has always been useless, and the scale of grinding you have to do in pre-expansion Diablo 3 puts every other item grind I can think of to shame, even Monster Hunter Frontier's 1/2% HC Carves. At least those are a whole percentage, and at least in MHFO those weapons are required to get to the inevitable stronger gear. Literally everything people have done in terms of gear grinding in D3 has become completely and utterly useless to such an extreme that I didn't even do it and it annoys me slightly.

    Of course it was bound to happen, an expansion was inevitable regardless of when they said it would be coming, so I feel less bad for them in that regard, but it's still hundreds, thousands, or even potentially tens of thousands of hours completely and utterly obliterated and useless. Hell, even in MS, when the next set of gear is released your current gear at least can still be useful. Empress gear is still useful even when compared to the other crap that's out now. However, that Lv.60 gear in's all pointless. All of it. I doubt you could even sell it off for a pretty penny[gold piece] at this point.

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    Default Re: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

    DFO had it pretty bad in my opinion, but than again it was a Korean MMO so massive grinding is to be expected in some form. The best way to gain more power was to dump gold on a machine that has a chance to not succeed at the lower levels, and break your equipment at the higher levels of power. You practically gambled your gears' existence and wasted hundreds of millions to billions of gold if you want to be stronger than everyone else. And even then it's not a guaranteed success. Way more depressing than anything D3 could have tossed at me. Even trolling me with crap stats on a Legendary/set piece.

    True end-game gear (the right set increases your power at ludicrous amounts) was also either really RNG heavy in that you may never see the desired gear you want for months, or take a guaranteed route that still involved grinding the same dungeon for 50 days for one piece of equipment that's a small upgrade (~5-10% at most), for a total of 5 pieces (or 250 days of your life just for the whole set). It's just mind numbingly clearing the same place hundreds of times, making little money at all due to drop rates of anything valuable being far shi'ttier than D3 drop rates at 0% magic find. I'm being really serious here. ./end rant

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    Wait, wasn't this a Maplestory forum?

    Just kidding, I understand what you mean, but even still, there are some KR MMOs with worse material/drop grinding than D3 has. I can think of a few that require you to get an incredibly rare drop, craft that incredibly rare drop with incredibly rare material drops (at a low success rate), craft THAT incredibly rare crafted item with a material that requires tokens from like...50,000?, boss monster kills (at least this one is 100% since it's a quest reward), then you can start the arduous process of socketing/enchanting/fortifying, all of which have low success rates and can pineappleING BREAK THE ITEM.

    Then recently a 10 level patch came out that makes those items no longer best in slot.

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    So earlier today, got their hands on some parts of the game from Blizzard's test server, whose access was public for some reason, and they've datamined a significant amount of the expansion.
    Included are a lot of spoilers for Act V content. Crusader stuff is really early stages though. One of the neat things is the ideas they're currently testing for Legendary items though. They also seem to have the groundwork set to start ladders, which is questionable given how they're so stingy about character space.

    phat lewt

    Some of these effects are so obviously ridiculously overpowered, you have to question why they even bother testing it, but it looks like they're on the right track with some decent itemization. Now, if only 90% of skills weren't complete trash to go along with this.

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    Default Re: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

    This is more vanilla D3 related, but will still apply to the expansion. They're removing the auction house on 3/14/2014

    Oh pomegranate, son. Such a drastic decision! RIP real money making! But this would also mean we need to do a marketplace economy again. Ack. How will we make bank off sweet drops now?

  16. Default Re: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

    Thank god!

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    Unless Loot 2.0 makes finding upgrades completely trivial, there goes the casual player.

    I have 1bn Gold and nothing to spend it on now because every existing item is trivialized by Loot 2.0 and RoS. Guess I'll be playing self-found ladder.

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    Removal of Auction House?

    I'm honestly quite surprised, but it should bring back the fun of hunting for gear instead of spying on the AH for ages for upgrades. xD

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    Default Re: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

    Oh god, I'm now having flashbacks now of doing hundreds of MF runs on a Frost Orb Sorc/Javazon. NoLifeMode incoming. Oh god, how did I remember an old nickname like "Javazon" so easily?

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    I'm sure the majority of people complaining about the auction house have no idea why it's bad. The AH is bad because drop rates were forced to be extremely low or else you would have perfect items flooding the economy from the sheer number of finds. Even now, you can search the AH and so much of the same item with decent stats will appear; yet at the same time, in all my runs, I've never found a yellow one hander that's 1k+ DPS with a socket and CHD. The vast majority of those particular items in the AH are from botters crafting them.

    In Diablo 2, you could run the same boss constantly and have a decent chance to find a decent item; even still, in the five or six years I played 1.10+, I've only ever seen a Tyrael's Might drop once. The number of HR I've personally found can be counted on my hands. A lot of decent items could be hunted by yourself, and the requirements for PvM weren't so steep that you could do decently in Hell without all the best gear. All the best gear however required multiple High Runes, the vast majority of which come from botting and duping. Most of the desired effects were rolled with a fix value, or the random values were for the most point irrelevant.

    I remember many instances of trying to trade for items through forums because it was just too hard to find them myself. Being able to run Hell Andy or Meph in under a minute each time with a decent amount of MF didn't mean you would get the item you wanted, so you eventually had to turn to trading. I recall trying to buy a Widowmaker when they first came out and people telling me I'm retarded because Amazons don't need more +Guided Arrow. Well no pomegranate, that's not why you use a Widowmaker. No one sold them because no one kept them. A a couple months later into the season, they're only worth a couple of pgems but at least people had the sense to keep them for more than a museum collection. There's almost zero value in the difference in Weapon Damage or +Guided Arrow, it's purely for the value of being able to use Guided Arrow. Meanwhile, in D3, every single difference in stats affects your DPS by a significant amount because everything is gear dependent instead of skillpoint dependent. Which means a similar item that would roll for 150%~200% would have the 200% probably worth 100x more than the 150%.

    Loot 2.0 will need to have that level of good item; in terms of just having it will be useful for a build, and upgrading it to max stats is a luxury. Because currently, having max stats is usually what's required to do a high MP.
    One of the things I fear is being able to turnover items. Say you want to replace your chest piece with a slightly better one. Assuming you don't BoA either, you buy a slightly better one and then hope someone will want to buy your slightly pomegranatetier one. In the majority of cases, everyone will probably Enchant their gear, meaning outside of finds that you won't equip (i.e. pomegranatetier than your current gear) you won't be selling much good stuff.



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