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    Sawp. Revive is a friends guild I made years ago, consisting of... casual friends I/others in it have made over the years.

    We don't do all this pr0 crap that others do, like offering empress runs or CRA runs, instead we'll be there to talk to and help with what we're able to. That's not saying we won't go on suicide missions for fun. :B
    The majority of our currently active guildies are level 170+, but don't let that detour you, we've no 'level limit' being a friends guild, our only requirements are:
    1] try to be active when you can(obviously excuses can be given for things like work/school and such)
    2] don't be a tool(looking at you, jerks/scammers)

    Most being over 170, we'll be able to help with: (c)zak, HT, normal RA, Arkarium, and pomegranate like that. So don't be afraid to ask.

    For joining, contacts usually on(or at CH14FM4) are:
    Me; Imitare, Tenerci
    @Onion Knight; Gobbins, Rehsamyek
    @TugboatWilly; TugboatWilly, Torvatus

    I've no idea what else to add. If Sam/John do, they'll post it, I guess.

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    pro crap! maybe you should ally with us and darklily :o

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    Well I tried to contact you guys today but there was anybody in your FM room nor any of your characters were online.

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    Likely due to me deciding to sleep in, sorry. x:
    Sam lives in the UK, so he's on at odd hours, and John, dunno why he wasn't on.



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