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  1. Default Which set of gear would be better?

    I'll be maining a Zero, so I can't get the full four piece RA set bonus. I'm not sure which of these setups would be better.

    RA Helm/Top/Bot
    AV Pendant/Ring/Earring
    Dom Pendant


    RA Top/Bot
    2 AV Pendant + Ring/Earring/Helm

    The first set of equips would have the three set RA bonus (which is like +50 ATT), the three set AV bonus (+50 ATT), and a Dom (which will be like 20 ATT higher than my second AV Pendant). The second set would lose out on about 70 ATT from the RA set and the Dom, but I'd gain 30% Boss from the five piece Alien set. The AV Helm also has four more slots than the RA one.

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    Why wouldn't you be able to get the bonus? There are special scrolls specifically for Zero's weapons that allow them to work in any of the major sets. I'd assume the Root Abyss set one drops from Chaos Vellum, and given how common Fafnir weapons are for us, they'll probably throw the VL, Empress, and Root Abyss (which are 50%) ones in Marvel Machine. So, I'd aim for 4 piece RA. I'm not sure how effective boss damage is for Zero, but I'd say if you can't get the scroll, I'd still go with the first set for the attack. Then again, Zero does have two weapons, so attack might not be the best.

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    ... I was told that they wouldn't work for a set. Ok then, RA set it is. Is the scroll tradable?

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    Well, that's somewhat true, they don't usually work with sets, without being scrolled into a set, and I don't think many people are aware of the existence of these scrolls. They're all tradeable except the Revolution one, which is a Hot Time item anyway.

    Here are all the scrolls:
    - Marx Von Leon Lucky Item Scroll (50%)
    - Victor Von Leon Lucky Item Scroll (50%)
    - Lionheart Lucky Item Scroll (50%)
    - Imperial Brave Lucky Item Scroll (50%)
    - Sovereign Brave Lucky Item Scroll (50%)
    - Root Abyss (Warrior) Lucky Item Scroll (50%)
    - Grand Agares Lucky Item Scroll (50%)
    - Revolution Lucky Item Scroll (100%)

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    I've never looked into it but they handed everyone a free Revolution Set scroll for Zero's weapon.

    I'm inclined to say the 70 ATK bonus is better than 30% Boss Damage though since Zero has so. pineappleing. much. total damage.

    I ballpark that you need around 600+ ATK for the 30% Boss to be better than 70 ATK. And that's assuming you have no other boss damage other than skills. Add in Demon Slayer Link, Demon Avenger Link, the base 30% from weapon, and any potential lines...

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    Can you scroll it to work into multiple sets, or does it only work with one set at a time? Can you scroll into a new set if you want to switch?

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    I honestly have no idea how they work. I don't know of any item that works with multiple sets besides items that are strictly Joker. I would guess that they'd overwrite each other, but I'd lean toward not using any unless it's specifically the one that you want.

    Oh! Right. I'm pretty sure all of them but Fafnir are available for purchase in the shop in Zero's Temple for Timic coins.

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    Okay, thank you and @JoeTang; for the info and help!



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