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  1. Default Can't claim Absolute Ring

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    Can't claim the Absolute ring on my Dual blade. I managed to finish 30 days on it and have plenty of space in Equ, Use, and Set-up tab.
    Also, It can't be because i'm claiming them one day late. I managed to claim it on my Phantom 10 mins prior, and my Shadower after too.

    Images of problem

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    Default Re: Can't claim Absolute Ring

    you don't have any other 2013 rings on that char? also, are those three rings 1, 2 and 3?

  3. Default Re: Can't claim Absolute Ring

    Try making space in your etc if there isn't any.

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    Default Re: Can't claim Absolute Ring

    you need also ETC space for whatever reason

  5. Default Re: Can't claim Absolute Ring

    So this fixed it. Thank you.



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