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  1. Default Explorer's critial ring

    When they came out they were the best rings for any job with high critical, but nowadays, with so many weapon attack rings out, is it still good?

    For anyone that doesn't know what the stats are on an E. Critical ring, they are these:

    +180 HP, +100 MP, +2 W. Att., +10% critical chance and +10% minimum critical damage

    A comparison with a stats/weapon att ring, equivalent to the critical one to make it easier to visualize how good the crit ring is right now would be appreciated.


  2. Default Explorer's critial ring

    I still use mine. Never replacing it.

  3. Default Re: Explorer's critial ring

    I wish I had picked up the Magical Ring instead of the Critical ring. I think it's more difficult to obtain +min.crit.damg% than +crit.chance%. And now that I/Ls are getting 25% more max critical damage too, it becomes even more relevant But still not replacing my Critical Ring anytime soon.

  4. Default Re: Explorer's critial ring

    That minimum critical dmg is only gms exclusive tho, ems never had that. But you should never replace it as long it has min crit. Not even 20 w.att rings can make up for it, unless you're a DRK with more min crit than max crit.

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    Default Re: Explorer's critial ring

    It's one of those rings where attack can't compensate vs the crit that you get.

  6. Default Re: Explorer's critial ring

    I imagined they were still good but seems they are far better than I thought.

    Thanks again.

  7. Default Re: Explorer's critial ring

    This assumes you're one of those classes that has 135% min crit, from a 4th job mastery skill, and 150% max crit.


    Let's see, I'm not sure if I'm thinking this through correctly, but the damage bonus from using a critical ring should increase with minimum crit until it reaches 140%, and then decreases from there, so long as you don't have SE or Decent SE. And of course, your crit rate can't be higher than 100%, so starting at 91% crit, the damage bonus decreases.



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