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    Quick question, if you pass your max crit with your min crit, does your max crit go up to match your min crit?

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    Your max crit will not go up to match your min crit.

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    Wait so how does it work then? Will you just end up hitting your max crit all the time (and whatever min crit past your max crit is ignored)?

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    From the math I've done from training on my Xenon, yes you would be doing max crit all the time. The min crit past the max crit is just left out since it's past a limit already set. Trying to hit your min crit that's past your max crit would be like trying to hit 1million pre Unleashed/Unlimited.

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    Okay thanks, clears up a lot. Wondering because I/Ls have a large amount of mincrit% after RED and a friend of mine is regretting his choice of the 10% min crit + 10% crit chance ring over the 5% chance 10% max crit ring (from way back in the day). I figured if min crit set the base for your crit damage regardless of maxcrit then it was still the superior choice, but it looks like it's not that great after all.

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    I don't recall us ever having a Maximum Critical Ring at all. :P

    The other ring (Cruel/Magical) is now 5% Critical Rate and 20% Minimum Critical Damage.

  7. Default Min/Max Crit

    There was no way to make the right choice. The crit damage was removed from the adv rings at some point but was then again added back at some other point, so 10% crit was the superior choice regardless.

    If you have a lot of free min crit, max crit becomes a far more effective damage boost because it frees up the min crit that isn't helping you.

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    I/Ls have a pomegranateton of max critical damage after RED.

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    Yeah I double checked a few hours after my last post and realized that the ice counter thing gave max damage rather than min damage.



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