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  1. Default I need an SP reset

    I accidentally put too many skill points into another skill that I was supposed to max High Wisdom with when Nexon reset everyone's SP following the Phantom exploit/hack.

    Does anyone know if they're giving out any anytime soon?

  2. Default Re: I need an SP reset

    As I can see if you are mentioning a Battle Mage (most likely you put 15 points into Blood Drain), and that skill is from 2nd job, you can still get 7 extra points by completing the Maple Alliance quest, finished all the beginner quests then Brighton will give you a quest which require to hunt monsters.
    Otherwise, if you are mentioning other jobs or whatever: It'll be reset at the upcoming job balancing (to Heroes, the Resistance, Nova) and RED update (explorers) which will be happened at end-year



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