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    I remember seeing in the extractions that there was a ring with the Joker effect, but can't find it anymore. What ring was it, how was it obtainable in KMS, how rare is it, and is it tradable before equip/psokable?

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    Came out in KMS 1.2.197. Comes from Gacha Boxes. Dunno how rare. Equip tradeblock and then PSoKable.

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    Thanks. I have one more question that I forgot to ask (and I don't think it needs another thread), if you don't mind. In Max's blog, he says that Zero starts off with four rings. Which rings are they, and are they pottable?

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    I don't remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure they're just the STR rings you can make with accessory crafting and are not potentiable.

    Oh, here's a screenshot of them equipped:

    Definitely just profession rings.

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    They're actually like 'special' rings for Zero only, but yeah I don't think you can potential them. Altogether they only give like 5 attack and some STR.



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