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    Default Warrior Grounds Unbearable Lag spikes

    So previously I had the problem of my client crashing at Warrior Grounds (actually, every Ancient golem map) every 5-10mins I was there. Luckily that has been fixed so I can train now,

    or not... I was training at WG fine for about 20mins but then something happened. I started having severe lag spikes: golems started walking on spot, stopped using their magic attack and dealing damage. I quickly managed to return scroll to town to wait a moment. Game told me "Server is too busy to make your request" a few times but after I stopped doing anything it finally calmed down. I tried to go back and it was okay for 5mins, then the spike hit again and killed me (thank goodness for free charms lost no exp).

    I guess I'm not getting even 201 any time soon when those maps are so unplayable for me.

    And no, I don't lag at any other maps. It's just Ancient Golems, I wonder if it's something to do with their huge spawn and damned spam of high range attack? Anyone else having these problems?

  2. Default Re: Warrior Grounds Unbearable Lag spikes

    Sounds like it's related to your internet connection to me. Try making sure your bandwidth isn't being eaten up by someone/something.



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