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Thread: good read

  1. AFK at Ch 18 Leafre Straight Male
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    Default Re: good read

    I'm not too sure whether I should believe this or not.

  2. Flatpanel TV
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    Default Re: good read

  3. Default Re: good read

    fat fuck took away the only enjoyable part of MS i could still look at without having to log into ms itself

  4. Default Re: good read

    That thing hasn't even been (truly) updated since it was made, back in April of 2011.

    It's so far bast old news it's not even news. Surprised Maur doesn't have an entry yet.

  5. Default Re: good read

    That maplestory page is just...
    poor bowmen.

  6. Default Re: good read

    Ah man theres no article for Mr B...

    But yea, good read, the maplestory page was also brilliant, 10/10

  7. Default Re: good read

    Somehow found SP in it too.

  8. Default Re: good read

    i cant stop crying on the maplestory page
    this pomegranate is too funny

  9. Heavily armored Humvee
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    Default Re: good read

    Can't make out the red subliminal text flashing on the Blingee. :<

  10. Nuclear testing facility Straight Male
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    Default Re: good read

    pretty sure it says pedophile

  11. Default Re: good read

  12. Default Re: good read

    What makes you think that picture has anything to do with Southperry?

  13. Default Re: good read

    Now that you mention it.. Ah, I must have been jumping to conclusions again.
    Can't really see the whole thing with a Symbian phone.

  14. Default Re: good read

    Oh lord xD

    I remember this from years ago. Quite funny to read, and the MapleStory article had me in stitches. Especially the assassin stuff, it was so true back in 07/08.

  15. Default Re: good read

    That's a mighty fine piece of ancient history you found there.

    This. I honestly found Adura to be a lot easier to work with than Maur ever was. If I actually cared, I could write a small entry.

    You let one person ruin what you had left? Cool.

  16. Lead Ball Male
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    Default Re: good read

    The only reason why I'm sad sleepywood is gone is the scania sub drama.

    owell I will always have this

  17. Default Re: good read

    In general terms, yes. Except when Sean was specifically being mulish about something, and you could never quite predict what idiotic thing would be the point he Draw The Line and become completely intolerable and impossible to work with by any reasonable standards. Then a week would pass and he'd be back to apathetic normal and workable around (note I didn't say "with") unless/until someone brought up whatever had set him off in the first place again.

  18. Default Re: good read

    wtp i laughed way too hard at that.



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