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  1. Default Skip Multilateral VI?

    So, my main was AB but I found Xenon pretty interesting and fun class so I temporarily moved my pirate emp equips onto the Xenon.

    The thing is, I barely have any %all, instead it has around ~100% dex from the equips I moved. Since pumping more points into dex

    will result higher additional dex, I'm thinking whether I should skip out on Multilateral VI and purely put the points into base Dex.

    Which one will be better overall?

  2. Default Re: Skip Multilateral VI?

    Probably not the best idea.

    10% damage boost from Multilateral VI is probably more beneficial than the extra 140ish points into DEX.

    Plus, you lose out on extra Stance and Avoid.

  3. Default Re: Skip Multilateral VI?

    Once you have 330 all base stats, you can switch to dex completely, works just fine.

  4. Default Re: Skip Multilateral VI?

    Assuming you stop at Multilateral V, you've got 260-each.

    If you don't have %str/luk at all, then moving points around purely adds to your stat total.

    Gauging from my Xenon, you'll be at about twice the base stats in each before % gear, so around 330*6 = 1980 stat points.

    With 330-330-330, 100% dex adds +330 to that for 2310. With 470-260-260, 100% dex adds +470 to that for 2450. The difference is only +6% to your range. So the Multilateral VI would be better. At levels beyond the one where you hit 330-330-330, the extra stats are going into dex anyway so the difference becomes even smaller.

  5. Default Re: Skip Multilateral VI?

    Get to 330 for the bonus, it is worth it. after that you have another 50 levels (250 ap) for dex. If you ever fund him with %all stats that he will not gain as big a boost with uneven stats (i think)

  6. Default Re: Skip Multilateral VI?

    You're not only missing out on 10% total dmg but also 10% stance, 10% status/elemental resist & 10% avoid. If you skip VI you will only have 90% stance compared to 100%, the avoid wont matter much at all and status resist CAN be replaced, but once nerf arrive you need this skill if you wanna be able to reach 100% resist with resistance potion.

  7. Default Re: Skip Multilateral VI?

    Last time I was on my Xenon I couldn't skip the Multilateral VI upgrade so I don't think it's an option.

  8. Default Re: Skip Multilateral VI?

    You can, you just have to manually add stat like the old days but obviously not adviced.



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