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  1. Default Anyone DCing a lot?

    I disconnect every ~5 minutes when I'm not AFKing in a single map... Using skills or moving items gives me a "Unable to connect to server" (after a few minutes of being in-game, regardless of what I do) and sends me back to the login page. Not sure what it is, is anyone else getting this? :( (Also is there a fix?)

  2. Default Re: Anyone DCing a lot?

    update: still not 100% sure on what's causing it, but i find that it happens faster if i'm quickly cycling/spamming skills (ie, teleport+chain lightning spam), and is less likely (?) when I'm just doing things slow. i still don't understand why it kicks me when i'm in towns though, since i'm not attacking.

    also, possibly related: when i log in, the first 3 times i enter something into the chat box nothing happens. idk what the hell this is, but i need to type in stuff three times (and hit enter 3 times) before i can actually talk to people.

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    Default Re: Anyone DCing a lot?

    Do you see mobs' hp bars and names?
    For me, the three-times-unregistered-chat is a symptom of memory corruption that also hides mob hp bars (and does some other things which I can't remember). Rebooting my computer generally cures it. For a while.

  4. Default Re: Anyone DCing a lot?

    Seems like it's fixed... Still not sure what was causing the issue. I could see enemy HP bars and names, though, and prior restarts didn't fix the issue. I ended up "clean" installing and restarting, maybe that fixed it.



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