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    Default Should I innocence my Terminus Rod?

    I decided to test my luck and use nine 50% matk scrolls on my terminus rod, and unfortunately only four of the nine passed. Should I innocence them and try again? I won't be able to buy as many scrolls, but I might hold off until shield scrolls and guardian scrolls are available.. What do? ;_;

  2. Default Re: Should I innocence my Terminus Rod?

    I would say gather as many coins as you can, then innocence it before the unleashed shop closed. Buy the 50% matk scrolls in massive bulk before the shop closed, probably you can hold off until shield and guardian scrolls are available.
    Hope the 50% scrolls still last when both scrolls are available to be bought....

    Only, this is my idea.... I did it with my lionheart axe.

  3. Default Re: Should I innocence my Terminus Rod?

    Why not use clean slates? Even if you can't afford enogh of them in this event store, there will be others.

  4. Default Re: Should I innocence my Terminus Rod?

    ^ /points at above

    Since events and shops are always giving out clean slates while the 50% M.ATK scrolls are somewhat limited, your best plan of action would be to buy as many of them as possible and slowly clean slate and scroll your rod until you're done. Try to avoid the temptation of the 10% ones, they're not worth it.



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